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    The typical employer 401k suffers from “tunnel vision” by the employer and the hired “trustee”.  So much more could be available if employers were not lazy, stupid, or colluding with plan management…

    Legally, an IRA or 401k can invest in anything other than IRS publication prohibited items.  Getting money OUT of a stupid employer plan into a solo 401k is a challenge.  I retired as soon as I could to get my money out of federal TSP control to where I could direct it.  I was REALLY concerned about the potential for Hileraly getting the 2016 election.  If Hillary had won, had intended on turning everything into “cash”.  At final retirement, created my own company, then own 401k, and rolled everything into it where I am the managing trustee.  Sadly, you are stuck with your employer plan until you are gone from them for 30+ days, or pass age 59 ½, THEN you can roll everything somewhere “better”.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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