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    I thoroughly enjoy my time spent at the shooting range.  Unless there’s some sort of crisis somewhere – I go every Saturday.  Rain or shine!  It gives me a chance to clear my head of all the other distractions, problems, challenges and “what if” thoughts that invade my brain all week.  Lately the desert shooting areas are closed due to fire restrictions, so we are limited to a lane at a “commercial” range.  That also usually means only handguns.  It’s good fun, but not like “my” range.

    I love going to my desert range and setting up 4 or 5 silhouettes for Mozambique drills with my handguns at random distances and spacing, then plinking steel out at 100 yds with the same handguns.  Move and shoot drills are great fun.

    Then the rifles come out and we play some “Easter egg hunt” games with different sized water filled bottles at scattered distances – with some of them at ridiculous distances.  We’ll scurry out to the silhouette targets and shoot off-hand at those bottles – for speed of acquisition, and of course accuracy.

    Who else enjoys their range time?

    How often do you get to go?



    I spend range time often. Always have plenty of ammo for all my weapons. Always tinkering with different combo’s. All my side arms are .40 and rifles range front 5.56 to 7.62 .I try to keep all calibers the same. Helps with ammo.

    Gotta maintain muscle memory.






    Thunder made some good points.  Muscle memory is the key to being effective in a stressful situation.  If we expect to be accurate and efficient in a real life situation, we have to train until it is second nature and we are not having to think about how to clear a jam, reload or about shooting techniques.

    I also believe that it is a good idea to try and keep the same caliber weapons.  I go with 9mm for handguns but a variety of calibers for rifles depending on the rifle.  If I am just practicing movements or techniques, I like an M@P AR22 to save on ammo costs.

    I am not a big fan of Mozambique Drills just for the fact that I don’t believe if we have double tapped at center mass, there is a need for a head shot.  The military never teaches a headshot, but always center mass.  To me, the head shot is a waste of time and energy.



    Most likely the head shot is a waste.  I view it as just another target.  It’s a matter of transitioning to the next target more quickly that I am working on.



    I am a disabled Marine Corp Veteran and a retired Law enforcement officer. I go to the range every chance I get. I am a gunsmith and I also reload my own ammo, so I am constantly shooting at my house in the pasture or at the Alabama Dept of Wildlife shooting range, and picking up brass left by other shooters. If you want to get combat ready and really get to know your firearms and your shooting skills, try shooting with your weak hand with rifle or handgun! You never know when you are in a combat situation, that you might get hit in your strong hand and have to defend your life with your weak hand! I can tell you first hand that it is not as easy as you think!



    Everything is so much more difficult with weak hand….

    Awkward, slow, inaccurate and certainly not “automatic” would best describe my weak hand shooting.  I practice it religiously though – and it has gotten better.  Not good yet, but better.



    What’s up Mad Duner, are you from California? Glamis dunes?

    As for range time we love it but where I live in lake Elsinore it seems last couple years riverside county has shut down our local shooting spots and we have increased BLM enforcement as well as sheriffs kicking us out and taking pictures of our vehicles for their portfolios.

    Guess California want all of our guns and skills to rust up!



    I bailed out of CA many years ago.

    but yes, I do go to Glamis fairly often when it’s cooler out!

    I’m in AZ enjoying the freedoms that not-so-leftist state government provides.  I still don’t understand how Constitutional Rights can arbitrarily cancelled on the whim of an idiot in state government.  CA trying to outlaw guns is just as Constitutional as telling black people they are no longer allowed to vote.  If it’s a right – it’s a right!



    Amen to that brother!

    Yes I do think that’s the end goal for the lefty’s as they’re trying to erase history, they were the party of slavery, then the black codes which was the first form of gun control (against the liberated blacks) then the Jim Crowe laws… pretty bad stuff nobody brings up…

    As for bailing out of California you are much smarter than me haha!

    We call Az. the free world!

    My buddy and I have an idea about meeting all the good guys at the ca/az border with pick axes, shovels and pry bars to break cali off and float it out to sea haha 😂

    I’ve got one foot out the door here and if our gubernatorial race goes left then I think that will be the nail in the coffin!

    Maybe I’ll see you in the dunes.

    Thanks for the reply and God Bless brother! 🇺🇸

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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