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    So I have posted about this topic previously, I have spoken with the state president, I have spoken with my area section leader and nothing has come of it. No one returns calls, no one has any ideas. So how horrible would it be for me to start a chapter in my local city and see what happens?



    Since we are a grass roots organization take it upon yourself. “If not me who, If not now when”



    I just didn’t want to step on toes.


    Matt McD~


    I believe I commented on your earlier post regarding chapters in your area. I’m the co-leader of the Orange County Chapter which I believe is somewhere between 1 or 2 hours south of your location. While in the minority our chapter is regularly attended by people outside of Orange County including N.J. We have a regular member who drives all the way in from  P.A. for our monthly meetings.  You are welcome to attend our meetings if you like. The only other alternative group I know of is the Columbia & Greene County chapter on the other side of the river. Perhaps we could give you some insight on how to start your own chapter?



    I do believe you extended the invitation and I greatly appreciate it. My (for lack of a better term) concern is, there is no active chapter in our capital area. I was in contact with the state president for a few weeks but nothing came of it. I had contacted the section leader of my area (G) and his response was “how would you fix it”. I feel whole-heartedly that a chapter is needed within our state capital. When I look through the various social media pages for chapters around me, I see the same thing each day; news articles, meme’s, but nothing about what is going on. I am not trying to sound negative but I do not feel this is what OK is about. Social media only goes so far.



    I feel your pain Norseman! I have been trying to start a unit that is combat ready to deal in all situations such as search and rescue, armed security, food storage for the unit just in case! and basically, a minute man type unit to be the home guard or community guard in case of civil unrest or civil war or an armed invasion of outsiders from another country! With all the demorats pushing violence and groups like Antifa, black lives matter etc, I can smell some type of civil unrest or even another civil war coming as early as November when the blue wave is red instead of blue! They have promised it over and over but nobody seems to be listening! I know OK stands for the constitution but a wise man once said, talk softly but carry a big stick! I think it has come the time for us to start picking up those sticks and start preparing to use them if we have to!  Of course, I am an old Marine Corp Disabled Veteran and we learned to fight and survive! I sure wish you lived in North Alabama! I have tried everything I know to try and recruit people but nobody seems to care or know what is going on around them! I am very surprised at the retired military and law enforcement personnel in my area! I hope and pray they will wake up before it is too late to prepare!



    This is something that I have been extensively researching for the past couple of months. I too have noticed the need but not the commitment. Starting your own org requires resources and action. As far as starting your own chapter of this org you may run into legal issues if you try to utilize the 503c status. However, if you become a sub-org of this org which the President and board members give the ok you will be able to use the 503c status without applying for CORP status. Do check in the IRS code under Non-Profits and you will get your answer there.

    As far as my own org, I have quickly realized that in order to stay focused and not have any outside influences i.e (Registering with the IRS and local state for NonProfit status to Incorporate) the only option you would have officially would be to become a Non-Profit LLC. As long as you can provide evidence that your NPLLC is for NP leaning side then you can get the 503c status and not have to deal with having board members etc. I prefer in the “eyes of the state and IRS”, to officially maintain an “unorganized group” backed by other ventures.

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