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    New to these forums, was very active in old one…………a lot of new nics / faces, welcome to them all!

    Former bluesuit 42672 and dogface 95B, 11 years active and 3 reserve……..Cold War soldier so gives good lead on age.

    Am ole school in fact of .45, 12 gauge and 7.62 X 51 are kit weapons / rounds of choice……still waiting on the Tavor 7 to hit CONUS and will take place of SA M1A Scout.

    Look forward to getting active on forums again, been a while…….sure as hell longer than should’ve been!

    In case of questions where individual thoughts / loyalties lie of certain current events / groups, figure my profile pic will purty much answer / confirm all.





    LOL, welcome back over, Winnparish! Had to magnify your profile pic to read it, then laughed. Good times, good memes!



    thank you ma’am for the welcome and are good times for sure!

    how many of the old hands have you seen trickling in?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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