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    What is going on with Oath keepers it seems like when they changed the forum it has went down hill from there . It is tough to follow the forums like it used to . They say just wait and it will get better but it has not it seems like Stewart is no involved like he used to be maybe the powers at be want it to go away



    Agreed Daniel, i am a new member and have e mailed the supposed state e mail for AR. and have gotten zero replies. Are we here posted on a straw man website set up by the i**el community???




    Many of us have our frustrations with the website but let’s keep in mind that we are still a relatively small group with only a few people on payroll and the rest are volunteers. There is a lot of things going on right now and I’m guessing that the website is a lower priority.

    As for your comments about Stewart…

    I am a new California Chapter leader and we just had a conference call with Ca OKer leadership along with other patriotic group leadership from around the country regarding the coming border invasion…

    Stewart as well as other board members joined in on the call and he was very patient, passionate, and well spoken.

    It was very nice to have them on the call since most people don’t care much about helping Ca since it’s so screwed up.

    I believe Stewart was calling from ground zero FL and was going to be traveling to Tx to meet with border security groups this week.

    So to say that he has been compromised is a lie, as a volunteer organization we should all be saying what can we do for Oathkeepers and our communities, not the other way around.

    I will sacrifice a website for boots on the ground.

    So guys let’s take our own initiative and form our own CPT and Sentinal teams, shut off the computers for a bit and talk to people in our towns in person the old fashioned way.

    Frustrations will always be there but some talk can be cancerous, let’s take the higher ground… Are we all not Patriots?????



    “Frustrations will always be there but some talk can be cancerous, let’s take the higher ground… Are we all not Patriots?????”

    Thank you, BIGDEE. I’m not sure that OK has a “moral officer” per se, but you seem to be stepping up. Kudos. After being in OK for several years, I’ve seen complaints that Stewart doesn’t spend enough time on the website (hand-holding?) but if he’s so busy being “boots on the ground” how can he be here at the same time? Leadership is kind of a darned if you do, darned if you don’t position. Let’s try not to “poison the well” folks, we all have to dip from it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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