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    Finally some good news! Something that needs to be said.



    That’s interesting. He said, “He said people cannot differentiate from “fake news,” “real news” or “opinion news” on Facebook.” However, that’s not true–we’re on the internet, we can look things up to verify a story, it’s just we’re often too lazy or in a hurry to do so. I’ve done it myself, although I do try to be much more careful. Moderating the Oath Keepers FB site during the bird sanctuary protest taught me a valuable lesson–people believe what they want to believe, and they use news sites that tell them news they already know they want to hear. All Facebook and sites like it do is, make it easier for them to do it. I’d rather have no controls at all than have them decide for me, what is fake news and what’s real news.



    Good points. When journalism is done properly: sincerely, professionally, no or minimal bias, it is invaluable. Truly an enjoyable form of intel – a lot of work goes into it. No way can an individual come close to filtering out noise.

    I’ve played with Google Alerts in trying to do my own filtering: not easy and a tiny test of what news agencies do, use to do, should do. For another instance I discovered some years ago that if I wrote a letter to the city council, not only would all the members each get a copy but our local media had access to all those letters, thereby profitably keeping a watchful eye on local government.

    It is a good sign when owners and managers begin to see the harm that is done because of lack of discipline, self-control, professionalism, emotionalism, etc.

    The MSM patient is dying. Can he be saved?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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