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    LORD God Almighty’s wrath & Divine Providence.

    Since the 2017 Eclipse we have seen dire consequences on the Earth.

    Going through Solar Minimum, the sun is shrinking. The Earth is expanding due to a weakened gravitational pull by the Sun. The Earth is showing serious consequences. Yet the Great I Am is in control.

    He has given us direction in the Bible that these things would take place. To actually live through it though is frightening.

    Some of the consequences to the Solar Minimum:

    1)Weakened Earth gravitational poles: This allows more energy from the sun (when the suns radiation is weakening) and solar system to enter the mass of our planet.

    2)The Earth is expanding: We are seeing fissures, longitudinal and lattitudinal cracks along the Earth’s surface, yet there are stories surfacing about things happening on the Continental Shelf in shallow water also. Likely a lot of deep water geological changes happening we can’t see. LORD God Almighty’s design of Earth allows the systems to react to one another. Even though he created these systems to counter balance, he still holds in his hands Divine Providence. Those who rely on him and believe in Divine Providence will see many miracles in the days, weeks and months to come.

    3)Kilauea has been a blessing in disguise for planet Earth. It has become the primary relief valve to lessen the affects of a heating of Earth’s core. The heating of Earth’s core is why already over 30 volcanoes are actively erupting where just a month ago it was 27 and a year ago less than 20. Many more volcanoes are showing they could erupt at any time, some of the newly erupting mountains showed no signs of imminent erupt.

    4)With so many volcanoes erupting the sun’s rays are reduced. At the rate we are going we are headed for a mini-ice age.

    5)Earth’s rotation was affected both by the Indonesian Earthquake and tsunami & the Japan Earthquake and tsunami. This has accelerated the shift of the magnetic North Pole from Canada toward Russia (it has a long ways to go).

    6)While Earth’s poles are weakened & the planets in our Solar system are all on the same side of the sun for roughly 45 days even stranger things have been happening. For instance the 3 hour Russian blackout during the daytime. Caused by a celestial body (a planet or other body?) blocking enough of the sun to produce a minor unpredicted eclipse in a small area. Even in Salem Oregon recently we had a clear day when the intensity of light reaching us was noticably less than normal reminding me what it was like just before and after the eclipse happened last August.

    7)The Polar Ice Caps are breaking up from both Global warming in Earths Core and Global cooling of the Sun’s reduced output and vulcanism which is making the ground split and the ice caps also.

    8)The Earth is experiencing floods & droughts while natural gases are escaping from an expanding Earth’s core and surface, causing explosive fire behavior & wildlife deaths throughout the planet.

    I liken all these things to a glass of water. Man made disasters compared to God’s wrath. Imagine two 8 ounce glasses of water filled to the tippy top. Man’s affects on the Earth, toss a penny in one glass, water spills out of the glass. God’s affects on the Earth, dump 99 pennies in the other glass and most of the water is removed from the glass.

    What we have to look forward to. Lots of opportunities. The Bible says the people of the Earth will want to hide from LORD God Almighty in caves to escape his wrath. Many countries have poured Billions into building tunnels. Those of us who are full of faith will stand in awe of him and exercise the power vested in us as believers & God will do miraculous things through us to bring more into the family of God.

    LORD God Almighty is moving in incredible ways all over the planet, new people groups are being reached with the Good News that Lord Jesus Christ can save you and empower you to save others through him. Even as persecution abounds, faith & boldness also abound.



    On the former forum, the Christians who were on there repeatedly wanted me to post a verse to prove who I was. After several years I finally submitted to that. Albeit was delayed, I got an immediate response from those that weren’t believers that were visiting the chapel complaining that by posting my vetting verse suddenly they were attacking me. This wasn’t the first time in my life. For now I will refrain from posting a vetting verse. You may contact me directly, to shine a light in my face and interogate me as to what & who my faith is in. Thanks.



    Matt McD, moderator encouraged me by affirming the best way for now is to continue posting in my state chapel under forum admin.



    So many revelations have come to pass recently along with accusations. The primary one that I regularly reflect on is the George H.W. Bush funeral and his children’s responses. Many have emphasized Jeb Bush’s demeanor change when his sister handed him the note. I have yet to hear any comment on why G.W. Bush couldn’t even look at his fathers casket as it went by, he must have been the only one privy to what they had just seen. Was it the document Bush Sr. had signed as part of the plea deal. Rumor has it that both Bush Sr. and McCain took plea deals that allowed them to be executed for their crimes instead of having their reputations ruined. Will we ever know?

    Keep up the good fight and let us finish the race set before us.



    Heading out to preach once again at Market & Lancaster here in Salem Oreon. My #306th message. Primary message on 4’x8′ dry erase board:

    Are you in the bleachers just watching?

    Living your life as you see fit?

    Watching the battles yet not engaging?

    You have heard both teams spirits,

    The angelic vs. demonic battles ensue.

    Abbreviated message for 1/3rd of traffic:

    Are you just watching

    the angelic vs. demonic

    battle it out?

    Why won’t you choose

    which side to take?

    Today I will be Constitutionally open carrying for 15th time. Here is Salem, Oregon’s State Capitol, an unConstitutional ordinance of carrying unloaded I will once again abide in reluctantly but willing.

    Today the one hour honk survey is:

    Constitutional Carry,

    What do you think?

    1 honk= good job

    2 honks= just wrong

    The service will be about 2.5 hours long on the street corner.



    3 week cooling off period until February 15th. Trump & us his followers were hopeful with all  the compromises on our side in last few weeks the Delusional party would compromise. They said they would and then caved immediately. Can’t expect a liar to make a promise and keep it.

    I asked God, so what is next. That has always been dangerous for me when I “just ask God” over the last 28 years.

    The Holy Spirit had me contemplate these things.

    1) There will be another shut down February 15th.

    2) If another 35 day shut down, what happened near that date?

    3) April 19, 1775. A 65 day shut down would be April 19, 2019. The 244th Anniversary.

    4) Later it occurred to me to look on the calendar to see April 19, 2019. This year that is the start of Passover.

    5) Reflection led me to recognize we are not heading toward a civil war, we are heading toward a 2nd Revolution. The 1st Revolution was against religious tyranny when we fled Europe for America. Europe tried through Britain to subjugate us again which they did. They further wanted us to act like an island adjacent to their mainland who had no representation yet be in submission. When we began to throw off our restraints from Britain, they came to make us return to subjugation. They resorted to force, to make a point, that we were no better to them then the slaves they owned on their island and they intended to kill us until we submitted as slaves.

    6) April 19th, 1775 (we realized later on {and making the Independence July 4, 1776 declaration} that if we didn’t submit to their rules without representation in the House of Commons we would become a group of colonies made up of slaves).

    7) We find our nation at a cross roads of blood shed. Either way we go there it will be. One of these coming years we will find ourselves in the 7 year Tribulation the Bible talks about. For those who want to see and hear, it starts at the Feast of Tabernacles in early October. We don’t know what year it will start but the way the Facist’s are acting around the World in enslaving or killing their opponents; Christians, Jews and others. They seem to think their time is still now before a World Wide Nationalist movement drives them back. We believers know we have to rely on LORD God Almighty and his Divine Providence as we march as his soldiers. Like these movies, in one way it will be like we are playing “Enders Game” in another “Hunter Killer”. The challenge we face is extremely complex and reminds me of the unpublished book I wrote between 2000 & 2005: How To Parent, Amidst Complexity.

    8) The 2 cross roads of blood?

    I. One road is that all moral people must submit as slaves worldwide to immorality for a fake promise to remain free.

    II. How do we engage the 78 nations of enemies (and their internal USA supporters) that have infiltrated our USA and are waiting as sleeper cells for the pin to drop? The other road, to draw all our enemies into battle challenging them to attack us so we can use the 2nd Amendment to defend ourselves.

    This leads once again to a one-sided set of rules of engagement that people more talented than I can lay out so I can go out today and exhort my congregation of believers & haters at my street corner ministry at Market & Lancaster in Salem Oregon.



    The state groups are up and over 2,200 are on the forum. Last 2 weeks I haven’t been able to get on the forum due to these updates I suppose. I never did get an answer to my questions. Still looking for some answers like others, what is my member number?

    Last week I watched the movie Indivisible. It was a good watch as an Associate member & Liberty Tree Member. Although I can’t understand combat PTSD I do understand some personal PTSD & PTS now that I have been reading “Beyond Trauma, Hope & Healing for Warriors” along with suffering minor ptsd for about 3 years after my pesticide spray truck rolled from where I parked it and my Angels drove it backward down a hill & flipped it upside down in the perfect spot. The noise of it landing upside down and seeing the dust come up I was for sure dismayed and jumped to the conclusion I had just lost my job, I still work for the same company even now over 5 years later. It wasn’t until a physical exam that I realized I needed to change my behaviors to change symptoms that were hidden from my family.

    We have heard many times 22 servicemen will take their life today. Recently I heard that 15 civilians will take their life today also. I was surprised to learn this.

    This is my prayer today:

    LORD God Almighty, thank you for having blessed me with a servants heart. Thank you for helping me through my own thoughts of suicide after becoming a Christian believer in 1990. Thank you for revealing to me over the years the spiritual battle that we all face whether we believe in you or not. Give me the courage once again to preach on the corner of Market & Lancaster in Salem Oregon this afternoon after I attend Sunday School today. Give me the right message to share with others as we fight not just a spiritual battle but also a cultural one. Amen.



    I just got the word of the week, “sparsed”. The enemy of our souls has us separated into different parts of who we are. We are not designed by God to be sparsed. Those that are suffering from PTS or PTSD know full well how difficult it is to move out when we are confused, rendering us immobilized. Just remember, your territory is where you are standing, your domain is the realm you can see and influence. Use your talents and move out from your base station, you will be amazed at the others who are drawn to fight along side of you. When 2 fight together and one falls down the other is there to lift him up.

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