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    Throughout my life, I have always regularly, as I grow older and more experienced in life re-examined particular ideas that I have been told are valid, thought on my own are valid or just not really carefully thought about.

    My most recent topic I have reassessed is whether it is best for cultures to mesh together and join their strengths, and also their weaknesses to a degree. I have until now, thought that just such a thing was correct. I have decided that I was wrong.

    I worked to build my own remodelling business in Austin, Texas. Unfortunately, there just isn’t an American and legal workforce available. It is just a matter of numbers and cannot be disputed. Sorry if you disagree with me, but those were the facts for me. I now only have a business in the sense of no employees and intend to make it an online business rather than an in the field business.

    Now, I find that this article by Pat Buchanan to be useful for this topic.
    Has the west the will to survive

    I think that we simply must maintain our culture, or risk obliteration.
    I will note some things from history that are important examples. I would especially like to discuss about the Roman kingdom/republic/empire later in this topic, not this post.

    We do not know, for example, how the Mayan Empire fell. Was it a weakness culturally versus some unexpected outside force?
    The history of Rome was about a powerful, rich, thriving and once within it, a very peaceful culture for the most part. It was also very military on the borders and expansionist, which the link above talks about but with our nation’s history instead. But it also fell.

    Illegal Immigrants
    Having worked construction for years, I have to flat out say that building a wall is just a silly idea and extremely expensive endeavour which just won’t work.
    So what will?

    Why do illegal immigrants come here in the first place?
    They desire to earn better money. Who doesn’t? I do. You probably do.
    So why come here? As I mentioned above, there is a tremendous lack of a suitable workforce in Texas.
    So, we supply an American workforce and suddenly there are no jobs to be available for illegals. Thus they don’t come and most will leave and not come back. Simple supply and demand.

    But where can we possibly find such a large workforce? One that is hard working, has training and is used to sometimes difficult conditions?
    President Trump has seriously considered bring all of the troops home from places like Europe and many other foreign countries like Japan, etc. These countries are just going to have to build up their own military and defend themselves. Why on earth are we doing this for free for countries that no longer need our protection. WW-II ended a LONG time ago.

    Please correct me if I am wrong with regards to the Constitution, but what better job for these soldiers than to come home and build up our country for both defence and economic prosperity than building homes and businesses. Fixing the disastrous infrastructure that is nearing the point of bringing down our country in an economic disaster due to the lack of shipping.
    These men and women can serve out their terms, get paid a fair wage and pay income taxes in a useful and safe environment.
    Suddenly we have the missing workforce in place!
    Guess who will leave without any spending on walls or law enforcement?

    To me, this is a proper and effective way to really solve this problem.
    I’m not guessing about this at all. After the economic crisis in 2008, the lack of jobs caused a huge number of illegals to return to their countries of origin without the slightest need to request them to go.

    So many soldiers brought home. An excellent workforce created here. So many illegals happily returning to their own homes. I just don’t see any negatives here, except possibly politics working against us.



    Part of the issue here is minimum wage. Illegal immigrants aren’t necessarily subject to it. Any sort of regulation will create a black market. Healthcare and insurance adds to this as well. I’d be curious if anyone has studied whether there is a relationship between the minimum wage/ other regulated costs for hiring legal Americans in cities and the estimated number of illegal immigrants working in those cities.


    Leonard (TX)

    Get rid of welfare.  Get back to charity, family and responsibility.  There is a huge, capable workforce doing nothing in America.

    I have never believed the federal government should be responsible for infrastructure, with a few exceptions.  State and local government should be taking care of that.



    Well, if we walk away from the legal minimum wage and instead talk about a minimum survival wage instead. This is enough to buy a single person an acceptable living quarters, enough food, a car or other transportation, medical and a bit of spending money for fun.

    Now let’s talk about John and Juan. They both need to have exactly $100 in cash total for meeting this survival wage.
    Now Junky Auto Parts has two job openings that pay exactly $100 per day. Now, Junky Auto Parts could care less whether it’s employees work legally (paying taxes, social security, etc) or under the table. They just happen to make sure that all of the taxes get paid in either case, so forget about them.

    Now John has decided to work under the table. He gets his $100 and is happy.
    Jose has decided to be a proper American and pay his taxes as he should.
    Slam. Jose now ends up with $75 for his days work and fails to meet his survival wage.
    Uh Oh. Jose now needs to look for a higher paying job that results in him getting his $100 in full, which means he needs to find a job that pays $125 per day.

    Guess who gets employed? Guess who makes it? Not Jose. But John does. And now we pay his taxes.
    Poor Jose is now homeless and living in his car. A high price to pay for not breaking the law.

    We need not a minimum wage but rather a survival wage. The cost of living is different all over the country. States/Counties/Cities need to determine the right numbers.
    And those numbers need to be FAR higher.
    No one who works a full time job should ever worry about homelessness, hunger, health or just the need for some fun in life.

    Our fiat money has fallen so far in value that we really are talking about numbers from $35-$65 per hour. For bare survival only.
    This is a disastrous situation that is going to have to get very ugly to fix it.
    If we can fix it.

    Unfortunately, the politicians just want to keep borrowing money until there is indeed a massive monetary collapse. I think the fall of the Soviet Union will be very mild compared to this.

    However, I always try to look for a possible miracle. Technology is at a crucial and very profitable stage that is just starting. My hope is that we all get rich off of some new discoveries that puts the USA back on top and it’s debts paid off.

    Hey, the Industrial Revolution was both a killer and a miracle.
    I think the biotech revolution will make that look timid.

    So as grim and bleak as things often appear, never forget that good surprises happen too.


    Leonard (TX)

    You are still talking about the government controlling wages.   That might be how Europe works but that was never supposed to be how America works.  The government shouldn’t be telling a business owner what to pay or what benefits to offer anyone.  The market will figure that out.

    If John or Juan have to take on a 2nd job to make ends meet then so be it.  Generations before us had to do it.  Why are we so special?  Maybe John or Juan will move up in the working world as they gain experience and prove their metal in the work place.  This would allow them to make more money per hour.

    If you want to stop illegals and people avoiding taxes by working under the table, then fine the crap out of the EMPLOYER who hires in such a way.

    $35-$65 for survival number is no where near reality in most of America.  That’s a minimum of $72,800/year.  Maybe parts of California and New York City require that to ‘survive’, but we know that left wing policies have caused much of their situation.  The more you ‘force’ an employer to pay, the more a companies products and services cost and you just keep creating a cycle of increased costs, then forced increased wages, then increased costs, then forced increased wages….  Maybe people should quit thinking that they need an x-box, tattoos, a 70C room temp, etc…  Maybe they should do as my grandparents did and be frugal.  Reuse that Christmas wrapping paper next year.  Take that extra piece of cornbread home from the restaurant instead of throwing it away or better yet, just eat at home like most people used to because it’s … cheaper.


    I work and live around and in Austin just like you do.  There are some left wing wackos running this city/county and I am seeing the same trends here as we have seen in places like San Fransisco, where basically only homeless and wealthy live because the middle class has been priced out of the area.  Housing and Property taxes are getting stupid but our Texas Governor want’s to make it so we, the people, can at least vote on property tax hikes instead of the cities / counties just jacking them up.


    The world isn’t perfect and government tends to make it less so.



    It’s far too late for either of the government or the global corporations to be of any use with this. In fact, I agree that the market must determine the proper prices.

    These require education about work in general. An education I only received from both experience and most essentially  having my own business.

    People are taught gravely wrong what is going on with jobs what it really means to be an employee and an employer.

    First  the two words employee and employer must be discarded  They are tricks that the people with resources came up with to move themselves falsely to a fake position of power.

    Forget about the government crap completely for awhile

    There is a project that needs to be done

    What do we have?

    A source of money and a need to get the labor done in exchange for funds

    That is one side

    On the other side  there is someone else who can provide the labor in exchange for funds

    This is the development of a contract between two EQUAL parties that will leave both sides happy or the contract will not be accepted.

    A job interview is necessarily seen as a review by both sides to determine whether or not they will work together or not. It is not correct to think of this meeting as whether or not “they will accept you or not”. Both sides should be interviewing each other every bit as much  else one risks being “just a stupid employee” or “just some stupid company”.


    I came to understand this deeply every Monday morning I woke up knowing I had bid the wrong price and I’d have to work the week for free.

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