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    Hello fellow OK’rs!  I’m a retired “WingNut” (USAF) with a total of 26 years of enlisted service to this GREAT nation.  I have NEVER been relieved of my oath and will forever protect our freedom!

    I live in Utah near Hill AFB and work on base.  I love our constitution and am a member of the Constitution Party because I DO NOT trust the “RHINOS” anymore.  DRAIN THE SWAMP!!

    I am also a LIFE Member of the NRA and believe in being prepared for the future…..(if you know what I mean).

    I am starting a drone service business and have 3 drones with cameras and would love to offer flying them when needed by OK.


    Thurmon (ICEMAN) Tilley


    Matt McD~

    Welcome back Thurmon! We may take you up on your offer sometime. What’s the range on your drones? Are you a Ham opertor? Matt McD~<!–more–>



    My drones are “line of site” in distance as to how far I can fly them and 400′ AGL as to how high I can fly them.  I have a Yuneec Typhoon “H”, DJI Mavic Pro “MAXX’ upgrade and a DJI Phantom 4+ Advanced (waiting for it to arrive).

    And I forgot to add that “YES” I do have a  HAM Technician license. My call sign is “KI7QWQ”.


    Matt McD~

    Thurmon I have made note of your skills and equipment. We may have need of them in the future. Best regards, Matt



    Although I am an associate member in the non-catergory, I recognize the importance of getting back into paid member standing. I stand as a Black Robe Regiment member under Chuck Baldwin ministry. I appreciate service men and women. It has been a pleasure to serve along side them during the last 10 years. Whether on my You Tube channel floraspec or through Divine Providence which has led me to the right people at the right time. It is a challenging society we live, here in the USA. We are being daily disparaged as perpetrators condemn us. We stand strong and tall against intimidation, sure of our final destiny as we rely on him who created us to rescue the innocent. Snatching them whom are willing, out of harms way.



    Welcome back Sir.

    Civilian here and here at the service of Oath Keepers as needed.

    I offer skills in computer programming, information technology, and am an amateur electronics and microprocessor developer. Was raised in the rural mid-west therefore am adept in hunting, auto & truck mechanics and fabrication areas. The combination of my broad skill-set allows me to design/build/make nearly anything that you can dream up whether it be offensive, defensive, recon, spying devices and/or weaponry- the sky is the limit as long as supplies & time are there.

    You probably won’t need my skills unless things go hot but I am ready and willing to do whatever asked in support of the OK mission statements and US Constitution.  I work in the Fortune 500 arena and can provide some intelligence into what goes on behind closed doors there, you’d be surprised how tied into government these companies are. Interested in the concept of open source intelligence and would love to help out in that area or providing a secure database/comm./encryption if needed.

    Just ask. I may not visit often- if you need me on short notice hit me at rich at displacedguy dot you know what.



    Matt McD~

    Rich, glad to have you back! Yes, we may have use for some of your skill sets. Please elaborate. What programming languages are you adapt at? Are you a Windows or Unix/Linux server guy? Can you script, java, perl?  Does your electronics background have anything to do with radio repair? Do have any certifications, ie Microsoft, Cisco?

    Best regards,




    Well I just upgraded my membership to “Lifetime with Spouse”.  My wife was in the Air Force for 10 years as a Environmental Engineer and was a Captain when she left.  We meet while I was was in the USAFRes.  ( I did 20 years active, retired, and then came back into the Reserves and did 6 more years.  Retired from the Reserves and will collect a higher retirement next year (age 60)).

    My wife worked for the Forest Service and got disillusioned with them.  She went back to school and got ANOTHER Masters degree, this time in Elementary Education.  She taught fourth grade for two years and now teaches 6th grade in Bountiful.  She won “Rookie Teacher of The Year” two years ago for the Davis County School District.  And YES, she CCs at work!

    I’m proud of her and WE have never been released from our of oath !

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