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    The book I recommend is the award winning¬† English translation by Edward Hyams of historian Mlle Regine Pernod’s ‘Joan of Arc’. It is a fact and recorded witness driven writing. She is careful to keep opinion and conjecture to a minimum and identifies it as such. 90% of what I know of St. Joan comes from reading this book more than once.


    Mark Twain wrote a book on St. Joan. He considers it by far his greatest work. He says he spent 12 years in its preparation and 2 years in writing it. I have it but I don’t think I’ll read it because it is presented in a fictional manner from the point of view of a fictional character. I would like to read his 12 years of research material and notes.


    King Charles V of France is almost universally vilified. I can argue that he did have some noteworthy merit.


    I dare say St. Joan of Arc was the greatest of all military commanders. There are several movies of Joan. I may have seen all of them. They do not come close to representing her life, actions and miracles. Many people think she only heard voices (her discrete term) but in truth she would meet, see, speak with and embrace more than one saint.

    I would like to be part of a genuine effort to look for the ‘book’ of Poitiers which is a missing record of her interrogatory at Poitiers.


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