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    Today 10/19/2018 an invasion force of thousands [maybe tens of thousands] of migrants funded by Soros and aided by the UN, have over-run the border fence at GUATEMALA/MEXICO and are on their way north to the US/MX border where they will demand entry. ALERT: HERE COMES THE BLUE WAVE! I am ready to leave Colorado and park my butt on the southern border and stop the invasion. Any takers?


    Bob Newman

    I’m in San Diego. Since the “news” claims that the invaders are planning on California entry, I’m concerned. Much smaller border skirmishes have taken place here and I don’t know if anything was learned. I would appreciate tanks and 10,000 Marines and Soldiers on the border. Don’t let them set foot on American soil. Push back hard. Defend the United States. If Mexico allows them to the border, then they (the government of Mexico) are complicit, and should be considered hostile.  Enough is enough from this horrible “neighbor”. Are volunteer groups going to participate? Does anyone know?


    Al Ung

    Here’s  an article on the situation  by Dave Hodges @ The Common Sense Show:


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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