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Guardians of the Republic Forums Start Here Troubleshooting How do I re-enroll in the Indiana Forum?

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    Somehow my previous forum links got erased.

    Please help me.


    Charles E. (Chuck) Ewing.

    Member Number : 02473




    Not sure. What region are you in.


    Not sure if I enrolled in the first place, I am a National member, and a Local member, but Not sure how to enroll  in the Indiana form and Membership in the Indiana State OKs


    Richard “Dick” Trowbridge

    56813 County Road 13

    Elkhart, Indiana 46513 Nat ID LT1341



    Since the 3rd state forum’s aren’t yet up we have been given ok to set up a chapel for each state under forum admin. The 2nd forum you speak of is no more and that info is unlikely to come over, just as no info from the 1st forum came to the 2nd one.


    Matt McD~

    Richard, (SENATORDT)

    Just came across your post regarding membership in the Indiana Forum and took the liberty of adding you there.


    Matt McD~

    Charles (Chuck) Ewing, Just came across your post. The old website crashed and most of the data was destroyed. What type of help do you need? I maybe able to help you.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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