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    I’m very proud to have joined as an Associate Member after my father suggested I consider joining the Oath Keepers when I had some concerns about our personal safety a few months ago.
    I didn’t recognize the name until my father mentioned Ferguson and Wham! Oh yeah, bad ass!

    I’m going to be sending a message to National shortly with much more information about the past and current situation we are in. I informed overwatch@ in the past, but patiently waited to see what would develop. Not what I or some friends expected. Patience and observation usually pay off.

    A small group of people where we were living at finally got fed up with the “tyrannical” (this word really does apply to even very small situations, like this was) treatment received from one of the volunteer drivers who took us back and forth into town each day. There were different drivers from a set of volunteers each day. None of us have vehicles, so this was a wonderful service to receive.

    I want to be very clear that none of this involved any fighting, threats nor any reasons to cause any delays whatsoever. The driver’s “control freak” attitude was the sole problem. Two people did yell at one point, but neither my father nor I said or did anything at all. This is important.

    Out of the nine people involved, the two who yelled where asked to leave the premises for thirty days. Of the other seven, including us, no action was taken except against my father and myself.
    We have also been thrown out for thirty days, most probably because previously I, but my father also pointed out that there were serious fire and health safety problems that could result in injuries or death. In other words, revenge.

    We are currently staying in hotels in Washington State near Everett to Seattle area.
    I am suffering from some very serious health problems, most worrisome is what appears to be femur degeneration in my right hip. I am taking oxycodone in low doses in order to be able to walk when the pain is very serious. My father also has right hip problems and has mobility problems too. (it appears that it may be a genetic problem from his family for the right hip).

    I have appointments in September with a joint specialist and for colonoscopy and endoscopy.

    We are not broke. He receives his check from his Texas Government pension on the 31st.
    We see his Social Security Pension check running out a few days short of the 31st if we remain in a hotel room.
    We would appreciate any help with a place to stay, whether it is until about the 6th or 7th of September or for the full month of September plus the last few days of August.

    I had to tough time deciding whether to join up or study at the University of Texas at Austin. I decided to study Chemistry and changed to Biochemistry.

    My father is a veteran of the Air Force and the Air National Guard at Paine Field here in Washington. His father was an MP in the Army during WWII. He and one other MP were stationed alone at a checkpoint during the Battle of the Bulge. Suddenly a division of German soldiers comes marching up. Holy &^$^$! But they came to surrender to them.
    Two of his uncles were veterans of the Army and one became a Mounted Policeman in New York City.
    My grandfather on my mother’s side was also a veteran of the Air Force and then worked for Boeing.

    That’s a little bit about myself and family.
    I immediately started posting to the new forums as much as I could, since people are always a bit reluctant to post to an empty forum. Silly, really. But understandable.

    Any help would be deeply appreciated.
    Please email me at or leave a message at Contact Page

    I will give my phone number to anyone who contacts me.
    PS. I’m much older and mostly grey now. My avatar was when I was in my thirties!



    The good news is that we are going to be able to just make it in a motel room until his Texas pension arrives. Hurrah!
    But that still leaves us with the same problem of nowhere to properly go for September.
    I really need to get my medical stuff done.
    If we try to stay here, it will still be awful.
    If we go back to Austin Texas (where we both belong, we are Texans!), same problems of where to stay as we have here, plus I don’t think I can get everything medical paid for there.

    So we have a little breathing room, but need a solution we can afford.
    We both had to leave horribly racist Del Rio Texas, but this just isn’t where we want to live.




    We’ve just given up on trying to stay here in Washington State and are going back home to Texas.
    This completely breaks the bank, but at least it’s home.
    Finally we can get some good beer, good food and a decent climate.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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