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    Gwendolyn Mugliston

    This is a wonderful way to meet. I look forward to writing and talking with you in the future!

    I am an “Honorable Discharge” Navy veteran.  And, much to my family’s concern, an articulate Constitutionalist and Patriot.  They are conservative, as we have understood “conservative”, but not willing to get out on the streets.  I am if I have a way to get there.

    At this time I can only write and try to persuade by logic people who I (secretly) consider to be irrational. Citing specifics in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, history as honestly as possible and my own personal history are my weapons.  I decry the fact that deductive reasoning has not been taught in Public Schools for many years.  Liberals live by Inductive reasoning and I have issues with their thought processes.

    I am a shooter.  My Dad was an NRA Rifle Instructor and he taught my brothers and me to shoot. He had a team of teens who competed in Northern California with other teen teams.  One of my brothers then went on and was on the Navy Rifle Team.  I do not know his history but they traveled far and wide as I understand it. Both my brother and I were in the Navy.

    Additionally I am a child survivor of two Japanese concentration camps operated during WWII in the Philippine Islands. All my life I have dealt with PTSD though it was not called that for most of my life. I still have issues but not like when I was a child.

    Please, write to me if you have something to say that I might respond to with interest and enjoyment.  Tell me about you.

    Hugs, Gwenie


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