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    This new site and forum stinks!  All of my groups, private  messages etc. are gone! 🙁


    Montana 3-7-77

    Yep…gone.  Can’t login now with the user name I had.



    Yup, I think they have blown it this time!  A big mistake.  The site was great before this!



    I am not understanding all of the negativity… The site is brand new and has just launched. Give it some time, things take time to smooth out. Keep your hats on lady’s and gents it will get better.



    Well, I have set up forums before, bringing in old content into completely new software is HARD! To expect things to just magically appear with perfection is, frankly, just silly.

    If you are upset that you can’t listen to your favorite 8-track tape songs on your new blu-ray surround sound system, well….

    Imagine for a second what’s going on behind the scenes where you don’t get to peek. I would imagine 18 hour days, seven days a week for a long time on what are called development servers. That’s where people have been working their ass off. And every problem is being continued to be addressed on these development servers. Finally, what you are seeing now is what are called production servers. This is what the public sees.

    Trust me, what looked good privately is being assaulted by different browsers, different operating systems, different hardware. There just isn’t any way to predict what will happen until things are put up and break. Every success is celebrated!

    Once everything is fairly reliably working, it might be possible to bring in some old content. And maybe not. Please drop the hate it crap. You truly have no idea how deeply that insult is felt!

    My response:

    Thank you all so much for the tremendous effort you have put into all of this.

    Keep up the good work. It is appreciated.


    Billy Simmons

    One thing you all need to know is that we were paying for the old forums. The new ones are ours we own them nobody can shut them down because of who we are, or what we stand for.

    A lot of the old content will be moved over it will just take time. You will also be able to find members in you state with the new website, so before you all say how bad the new site is you might want to learn how to use it. The new site was specifically designed with communication in mind, State and local leaders receive real-time notification of new members an existing members, well simply be able to log into the website and see members near them and fine training groups.

    Billy Simmons VP National B.O.D


    barry vanover

    Well to be totally truthful i suck with tec stuff,But this new site is cool looking had to get my grand son to show me some stuff. (what did you expect from a grunt lol) By the way i just renewed and do they still do the cards?



    Launching a new site is a lot of work. I understand this will take some getting used to. I like the new site. I did get a 502 error when I tried to launch from my account screen into the forums; but the link from the menu is still working so not a big deal.



    My only complaint was I had to switch internet browsers to view the site using my laptop.  I use a legacy Macbook Pro with all the internet software upgraded for that OS, but now unable to access the site with Safari and Firefox.  Works well on Opera as well as my iPad Mini though.


    Nancy Oakley

    Thank you, Chris4 for understanding. This new website was in the works for a long time and there is a lot more to come. One of our biggest problems has been the balance between member security and the ability to find and get together with other members. Oath Keepers has a presence on facebook, twitter, and instagram, etc. All owned by lefties with zero privacy or control. At some point, we will also have social media here. Controlled by us! This is all OURS!



    Will the state group content be move over as well?


    Matt McD~


    We are currently working on the state links now.




    If you need help on the back end, especially in the security area I have a PhD in Comp Sci, specializing in data security…

    Dr. Don Bell – Newbie here…



    Something to be aware of regarding what our government has been doing and continues to do is put cryptography as not being a right to use.

    So some caution is called for, sadly.

    This is the operating system I use and I always download everything from outside the USA.

    It might be smart to use a backup server that is outside of any country with treaties to turn over people or equipment to the federal government. Many countries closed or refuse to open bank accounts for US citizens because of our government wanting detailed reports from outside of our country

    Only reason my server is in the USA was a lack of $$. I plan on changing that soon.

    So there are some legal issues that may have to be considered for computer security.

    Doesn’t it suck to actually have a conversation about needing to keep critical resources away from our own government!

    Welcome to the days of the Founders’ problems

    I don’t have the knowledge to help very much, but I can probably find the right person to talk to, if they want to



    Thanks for the update Billy Simmons.

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