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Guardians of the Republic Forums Start Here New Member Intros – Say Hello! Harris County, Texas – Glad to be here. We have our liberty to save!

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    Tom Glass

    I had contribued to Oath Keeper in the early days, but have not been active.  Went to meeting in Alvin, Texas, today.  Glad I did!  And glad to be a member, now.

    I believe that the full on assault on liberty is upon us.  The socialists (by many different names) and the Deep State has taken off the mask and is coming for everything we hold dear, including our liberty and Constitution.

    I am a big fan of Sheriff Richard Mack and the constitutional sheriff movement.

    And, I have formed a group here in Texas called Texas Constitutional Enforcement to encourage our state and county elected officials to honor their oaths, exercise independent judgment about constitutional meaning, and stop the feds when they violate the Constitution in Texas.  We have an active Facebook group by that name as well as a page.  Our website is

    We are working to see the Texas Sovereignty Act (HB 1347) passed this legislative session.  I tell state legislators that we could very well be facing an outright socialist president and federal legislature in less than two years.  The Texas Sovereignty Act, which creates processes by which Texas can rapidly declare acts of the federal government to be unconstitutional and which calls on law enforcement to use the Texas Official Oppression Act against the feds when they persist in violating the Constitution in Texas.  The Official Oppression Act makes it a crime for a public servant to knowingly violate the rights of a Texan.

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    Jim Merrill

    Glad to have you here!  Outstanding work and support and inspirational to all.  Our oath is not only what we will not do, but also what we will do to defend our way of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; to be an American.





Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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