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    This message was received on June 30, 2018.  The source has always been reliable having participated in New Orleans, Texas and Haiti disasters.  Does anyone else have similar information??


    “It is ironic El Paso is mentioned below. I was in El Paso late last night, transporting additional Private Security Firm Employees. You could cut the tension in the air with a knife. The area is very unstable from a civil rebellion stand point from what I was told and observed. My Client has literally tripled the number of boots on the ground in the past 30-60 days, along the entire Border. Face to face confrontations have increased drastically.

    “How long do we have until Civil War 2.0 starts?”, Very good question! At the current rate, I would venture to say, Not Long at all!”



    Well, to make matters worse and a little closer to a war starting, Antifa and Black lives matter have deemed open season on constitution defenders that want to hold our Republic together as our forefathers did! Antifa has armed themselves up with firearms and ammunition and have recruited some idiot traitor to train them to use these firearms and to use current military tactics against anyone that tries to uphold the Republic of the United States and our constitution and have waged war on Republican supporters and black lives matter has opened season on white Trump, Republican supporters, and law enforcement officers. I fall in all categories and I will and have already armed myself up and put back needed supplies for my family and myself because this old Marine Corp Vet will not run and hide! I will fight to the death to uphold my oath to my country and its constitution! I would advise those that are sitting on their hands to do the same because it is coming to your neighborhood just as the enemy has promised!



    I believe we have until the next Presidential election to prepare…..

    And anybody that isn’t squared away at that point will soon regret their lack of planning.



    I’ll look into this and let you know what I find.



    The original post of this ‘no source’ topic was on July 3, 2018. Ten days ago [7 weeks after OP] participant TGDOCA11 advised he would “look into this and let you know what I find”. Crickets since.

    Guess that’s why they call this forum scuttlebutt…




    To Earl Webb’s point.  Groups like “Redneck Revolt” are nothing more than communists that “champion” the average working joe by talking about inequality and how they are pro-gun. Creepy because on the surface, to the politically naive, they seem to target the middle class. They clearly are against our Constitution. They are like trying to put icing on a turd cake…



    Any ops being considered pertaining to the  the 5k to 7k Illegal invaders attempting to overrun the Sovereignty of our homeland? This is directed to the leadership of OK. Itys pretty darn quite in here.



    I am a retired law enforcement officer from Mississippi and we often had Sheriff deputies that lived in Alabama employed by a Mississippi Sheriff department. Why can’t the Sheriff of the counties that are involved in the border invasion threat, ask Oathkeepers retired law enforcement officers to assist them? All the Sheriff has to do is swear us in as reserve deputies and we can make arrests just like a regular deputy as long as we are on duty and acting as a reserve officer! This would be a great benefit because the military can not arrest anyone or detain anyone by law unless the President declares war, which has to pass Congress!
    The county could pay the reserve officers just like they do to reserve officers that work special details such as ball games and other activities where they use reserve deputies or we can work on a volunteer basis with Oathkeepers getting the money to refund or pay every volunteer’s room and board and travel expenses coming to and going home from a detail!

    I would volunteer to do this if my expenses were paid to get there and back home and for food and lodging because I am on a fixed income! Someone from our head should check on this and contact the SAheriffs involved!



    It seems the Red Dawn scenario has finally raised its ugly head. China building tanks for China & Russia to invade Southern USA border soon. Caravan meant to weaken border? By Trump pre-empting plan by re-inforcing Southern border with US armed forces against the Caravan Trump is foiling their plans.

    It is hard to repel other countries like Russia, China & Iran(gorillas) while simultaneously resisting all the enemy combatants in the USA. Only Divine Providence will continue to allow us to be one step ahead of those who seek to destroy the USA. Fortunately some uninformed combatants will likely work with us instead of against us once they realize who is fighting against us and what they want to do to us.



    To answer your question, yes there is! There was a confess call tonight with Mr.Rhodes and other heads up on the ladder, trying to establish a place for us to go! I can’t say any more about it on here! Just wait until you see a call-up from Mr.Rhoades on this website like was given out for the hurricane detail! It is coming real soon! Just keep watching for it!



    Well good sir, I just happen to have come up for air from the rabbit hole. We have SERIOUS problems on the rise and we need to take additional security steps before the information that I have can be shared. Over the past couple of months I’ve been on a deep dive concerning current affairs and why things are how they are. The results are more than disturbing and I almost fear that even my efforts may not stop what could be to come. This web platform, along with anything using an operating system that is commercialized (i.e. Windows, Apple OS, Chrome OS) are being monitored and data is being offloaded obviously for the protection of this nation. Once I have personally built the secure communications and protocols, I will give those vetted by my own private systems access.

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