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    Greg Hunter (USAWatchdog) interviews Gerald Celente (Trends Journal).

    Guns, gold, and a getaway plan, “Economic 911”.

    Actual inflation rate estimated at 10% vs 2% claimed.

    IMF – “World economy about to get very sick”.

    As other currencies fall against the dollar, it become harder for them to pay debts, but oil, etc, since international trade is denominated in dollars.

    Calls the current gold price “at the bottom”, being now pretty much at the price of getting it out of the ground and refined.

    Oil $82/barrel.

    Corporate executives selling stock even in their own companies at a 10 year record high rate (they did back in 2008).

    Big investors advised to reduce “US exposure” (investments in US securities.)

    If one major hedge fund pulls out of the market, expect it to crash.
    Gold & Silver Suppression Game Running Out of Ammunition – David Morgan
    Precious metals expert David Morgan thinks the price suppression game in physical gold and silver is showing signs of fatigue, especially in the gold price. Just last week, a billion dollars of gold (paper contracts) was reportedly dumped on the market in about a minute. The price went down less than $10 per ounce and, shortly afterwards, bounced back up. Morgan explains, “They are running out of ammunition as far as I can tell, which means when they do these massive sell-offs, they are being less and less effective. They have to use more and more power to get less and less result. This is why I am saying they are running out of ammunition. They have to do a fair amount of work to get the price down, and then it bounces right back. It shows you the resilience in the gold market. They can’t push it down, but they are not going to let it rise either because of this pricing mechanism to say dollar good, gold bad.”
    A major reset “soon”.  Extensive borrowing from the IMF (a major problem is the debt gets denominated in other than dollars), raise retirement age, “bail in”, cut benefits, raise taxes.  The violence escalates.  Politics, the media, are a freak show.

    Insists that when gold hits $1450, it will then spike up.

    Comments of 21 trillion missing from DoD, more fed wide, that audit of DoD shut down for national security reasons…

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