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    I’m sending this message to everyone I know that I think has an interest in this issue. I specifically sent this to my siblings for their thoughts on this because this issue will affect our family in the near future. It’s coming.

    In the video, just concentrate on item 1, which is evidence for the article its embedded in. The other following items in the video do not pertain to the article.

    We knew it would come to this. There were 30 plus training camps all over the US a number of years ago that were doing the same thing. Their indoctrinated youth have been in the wind for some time now. Having others realize it is another matter. “Normalcy Bias” can be deadly.

    Being highly capable individuals is essential to protecting our families. That applies to everyone in the US whether they internalize that or not. This is a defensive preparation that all responsible parents should accomplish.

    That being said, the best defense is a good offense. I will forever condemn the notion of going to the streets with rifles to “fix” this issue. That is a situation that no one should ever jump to unless there is a total breakdown in society and the war comes to you. That is a worse case scenario and every one involved WILL regret letting it get to that point when its all over. In my view, the best solutions are to get our government entities to work like they should to drive out this destructive ideology. It is completely incompatible with our government, culture, and responsibility for protecting our citizens. Note that not all Muslims share the views of those shown in the video. A huge challenge in this issue is discernment.

    My question is what can we do now that differs from past attempts to effect change?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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