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    Someone from the top of the organization needs to let the public and possible new members know that we are not a rogue anti-government militia! The ABC news reported tonight at 6:00 pm tonight that 7 members of Oathkeepers, an anti-government, militia group were arrested for violating Florid’a hurricane curfew and were riding around in a white Ford Crown Victoria, made to look like a police vehicle and maroon Nissan pickup in paramilitary gear and police marked swat bulletproof vests and 2 of the 7 were also charged with open carrying of a handgun, because Florida is a concealed only State. They went on the make the Oathkeepers sound like a rogue militia group that just came to Florida and started patrolling for looters on their own and nobody knew they were there! They stated the police had more than enough people to patrol and take care of looters and they did not call or know that the Vigilante group, The oath keepers, were in the area! They went on to say that nobody was above the law and everyone except police and authorized people were allowed to be out during the curfew!

    Folks, This makes us really look very very bad! It also makes it very difficult to recruit members because when you look up Oathkeepers on the internet, you will find a lot of very very derogatory remarks and pictures that make us look and sound like some crazy anti-government militia group that is just waiting to overthrow the government! Some of the people actually say this in their reports! I recently had a very heated conversation with a member of my own family saying that I should not be part of Oathkeepers because they read all the negative reports on the internet! Nowhere do you find anything about use helping people during storms, but you can see plenty of pictures of Oathkeepers carrying firearms at Fergusson. One report said that the Oathkeepers were there to protect the protestors civil rights from the police when it was the police and business owners that needed the protection!
    I personally think we need to contact a news agency that reports the real news and let them see who we are and let them interview actual people from the storms that were helped by Oathkeepers! I also think we need to start wearing a Khaki or olive drab BDU style uniform with Oathkeeper patches on the sleeve and the American flag and the State flag we live in and a name tag with our last names on it and our First name initial like the military. We need to prove to the public that we are not anti-government, anti-law enforcement, a vigilante group, racist group, and that we DO honor our oath to protect and defend the Constitution like we swore to do! I am a disabled Marine Corp Veteran and a Retired Mississippi Game Warden and a proud member of the NRA and Oath Keepers, and I am not a racist! I never cared what color a man was that came to my aid as a game warden when I was 50 miles out in the middle of nowhere with no houses for 20 miles when I had 4 or 5 drunk night hunters arrested and nowhere to put them all! I was very glad to see that Sheriff Deputy pull up in his cruiser to assist me, and I didn’t care if he or she was purple!
    Maybe we should start marching and protesting in front of all the news agencies in the United States! They are the vigilantes! The pen is mightier than the sword!!


    Tom Smith


    Oath Keepers don’t act unprofessionally and work with law enforcement in securing disaster areas.

    I have no doubt this will get clarified as we learn more.






    The leftist media machine says whatever they want to with zero backlash or consequences.   Nothing we say or do can change it, and the stupid sheeples that believe this leftist media are obviously not smart enough or motivated enough to find out the truth.



    Earl, which ABC affiliate reported on that–was it a live segment? I found one news article by that Zach person, but couldn’t find anything else on it. I too would to see some positive reporting for a change. How to prove we’re NOT anti-government? How do you prove a negative? Remember a lot of young journalists graduating these days have been taught to re-define terms to fit their ideology, so makes it hard to prove to them they are wrong…like all good progressives they just keep moving the goal-posts. I guess since Panama Beach police said something, that makes it so for all other areas that got hit by the hurricane, in his eyes. Never mind that we were requested to be there. And I did point that out when I shared the article written by Stewart.



    Typical of the MSM propaganda machine, anything that does not promote the Soros lead leftist / globalist mission is an enemy of the so-called people………………..while in fact are the  treasonous scum that really is the main  / primary threat to We The People and our Republic.

    Our Brothers & Sisters answered the call for help, us and those assisted know the real skinny on that tale……all that matters in the end.

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