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Jim Merrill

Jonathan, I am that kind of person and I know exactly what you mean when talking about the friends and the trust level of your brothers in arms.  Just because this forum is not the same as what we once had in the militarily, doesn’t mean it can’t be it’s own warm place with like-minded people.


I am not working in any official capacity with Oath Keepers, though I am proposing a few things with HAM radio and in the middle of writing that up now.  I want to help where and when I can.   I, like you, truly believe in the Oath and though I may not have the time to patrol the boarder or help with flooding victims, I still want to contribute.  I’ll pay my membership, buy shirts, etc; perhaps run a HAM network for the organisation.  I will also do what I can to prepare and be vigilant locally.


I look forward to meeting you some day and I would be humbled for you to think of me a go-to-person.