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To make a point about security in general.

I had previous contact here in the forum with a now ex Oath Keeper. Also by Signal.

Suddenly, I found him as a suggested person to follow on twitter.

I have perhaps posted to twitter 10 times in the whole time I have had it.

I have NOT posted to it anytime recently.

I strongly suggest that everyone pay attention to the fact that twitter somehow knows someone very specifically who I only had limited contact with. Never over twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, email, etc.

If you don’t understand how unsafe our communications are even here in a private forum, please re-think this.

We do not own the Internet.

We do not control the Internet.

We cannot prevent censorship or editing of our messages.

We CAN encrypt our messages and have some safety with that. Please remember that. We can communicate safely. But it takes a serious effort to have any privacy when that is essential for communications. Sadly, there almost certainly will come a day when it will matter. Maybe not today or tomorrow. But someday.

Please learn how to do these things now. It’s not that hard. It’s just a little bit of new stuff. You know, like how to set the clock on the VCR.