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Jim Merrill

Jonathan, I think this site is more for the open acknowledge to uphold the Oath and demonstration of a commitment monetarily.  There are ways to find more like minded people in your area, but that is where the rub is in my opinion.  Groups like that exist on deep trust and knowing someone for a long time in person.  That can only be sought, rumor of and approached from a consensus of the established, or you do the same seeking others to start one.  In any case, I would be very very careful and not too quick to toss you hat in someones ring.  However, in reading the few postings I have from you, you sound like you know this stuff anyway.


My take on the function of this organisation is this, and I may be wrong, again my opinion:

  • OK was started to remind us all that an unlawful order is unlawful, no matter where or who issues it
  • There have been and will continue to be those who will issues these orders
  • OK need funding to support its relief efforts (border, flooding, etc., they need warm bodies)
  • Yes, functions are encouraged but we should not depend on them to organised large groups outside of relief efforts
  • We will operate better (for now) in a disparate and decentralized manner, thinking locally

Others may differ, but this the way I see it and my expectations of this site, organisation, and forums.  However, we should stay in contact here but watch what we say.

I hope that helps you my brother and by all means, contact me any time!