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As most pulpits around the USA refuse to educate truthfully about the border crisis, since they themselves rarely know truth as it regards freedom in the USA, we find ourselves in a crisis of Biblical proportions. After attending “The Journey Deepens” the last 2 days it only emphasized the problem in my mind. I realized this morning the only possible way to get more people to understand the truth, that is the Truth-The Way-The Life, there is only one way to re-educate people. The ways we are trying to re-educate people just aren’t working.

1st, We can’t emphasize to the brain washed to study our truths that are self evident, that all mankind is created equal.

2nd, We can’t emphasize to the brain washed to study the book authors (Marks, Lenin) of the systems that are truely evil which they believe are virtuous.

3rd, We can’t emphasize to the brain washed to study what the Colonial Founders created in the Declaration of Independence after Citizens of the Colonies began to repel English Rule on American soil on April 19, 1775.

So the question remains. How do we reach the brain washed, both of the Guerrilla side (far left third of population) and the Establishment (entrenched center & right two thirds of the population).

As a street corner Evangelist I have found that asking questions of our opposition helps us to deal with the brain washing of each individual. It is a one on one action seeking to open up individual brain washed victims. They are victims. Our enemies have shocked and awed children and adults into a system through public education, TV, radio, cable, internet, phone companies, politics and Church media giants. These children and adults if they were allowed to mature in a neutral system, they would often see God in nature and follow him.

It occurred to me the best way to do this in the Christian Community is first to find out really what a person believes is truth. These well meaning Christians actually believe that the will of God is open borders for open Evangelism. They use much scripture to prove the point. We know that open borders are simply the easiest way to overthrow a nation to thwart God converting everyone on the planet.

Through the Way, the Truth and the Life we can lead others.  By having them lay out what they see as truth and their scripture to back up that. Then as in a court of law we give the opposing side of scripture to back up the real truth. This is a very challenging method and will take some time and not all will convert to the Real Truth.

Be of Good Cheer, God has overcome the World through his son Lord Jesus Christ, Adonai Yeshua Messiah.