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Replying to Cyclone34

I agree with most of what you said. I 100% agree that getting a server just for secure emails only is a must.

These should be baremetal and not in the  cloud or a VPS server. The IT can install your operating system of choice or will alrePady offer it.

All of the BSD do support less hardware. A choice of Linux can also go well, if not run off of hardware such as Nvidia which requires using secret blobs of code that can’t be inspected.

I suggest that people install Putty to run SSH off of windows and use only plain text messages for critical communications. That’s what I do and it’s not hard at all.

As far as paying for a baremetal server, I have one that is $39 a month. If you have a group of people who are trusted, you can share the cost and even keep the emails on the server and never send them your for group only and send messages outside for other people.

I just can’t trust Windows. Sorry.

Useful discussion.

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