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Thanks, but those weren’t bullets.  They were straight off our training schedule, past and projected.  We have been at it for a few years now.  It is really not that lofty if you look at the fact that most of them are very simple tasks that could be taught with simple hip-pocket training (think level 10 CTT stuff).  Our trainings usually knock out a few to a half dozen in a single 6 hour training session. (Some are a bit longer to be sure.) Many of them have been taught more than once and a lot of them are reinforced in future trainings as we do the low crawl-walk-run.

We try to include everyone in every training, family members included.  Though some do not take to all of it.  We have one EMT who will not touch a firearm.  That is fine, I will never put a gun in the hands of someone who is dead set against it.  There are also a few who have a few physical limitations.  That is fine too, everyone does everything that they can.  I follow the ‘know the job above you and the two below you’ doctrine. Therefore we cross train as much as possible, when it counts there will be no one coming, it will be just us.  My eight year old daughter is wizzbang at proper radio procedures and land nav.

We also all share instructor responsibilities based on our skill sets, I am not going to teach airways when one of the paramedics is there.

I completely agree with you though.  As I was taught, you don’t really rise to the level of your expectations, you fall to the level of your training.  Too many of our ilk think they will be as good as they once were when these skills are really needed (whatever that scenario is).  They forget that skills degrade, muscle loses its ‘memory’, few of us are in the shape we were while on active duty.  Most do not understand that the ability to run from a fight is going to serve them better than the ability to engage in one.  How many can still run a few miles without stopping or even walk 30 miles in a straight shot, how many have actually tried walking two days with their ‘perfectly packed’ go-bags?  With all that stockpiled ammunition, how many go out every week and train with 150 rounds?

Et bellator est semper liberi!