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Jim Merrill

Outstanding post CYCLONE34; both replies, I might add.  I do see some of the bullets listed in your first reply as high expectations, but non-the-less, well done.

I could not agree more with your when looking to ourselves for motivation and the exercise of proficiencies.  It is up to us and the autonomy of the individual to seek his own high-water mark.  We should know our own limitations and realities.  If not, they will be shown to us on another’s terms.  Our training will be the reality and extent of any one discipline; in Infantry terms, you’ll execute as well as you’ve trained.

There is another aspect that seems to bleed a little loose in my humble opinion.  That is information and conversation that is better left for their explicit audiences.  7 buck a month is the price of a ticket to ride this forum.  That is a low bar and information in the clear should match that hurtle.  Lackadaisical security practices are the weakest link in open information and cyber-security, regardless of OS.  You touched on this as well and are spot on.