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I rarely respond to any forums on the ‘inter-webs’, but here are a few thoughts….

I have read the relatively few posts throughout the forums (I understand it is a young forum) and see a consistent theme.  There seems to be a lot of ambition to get training/organizing done but little success in doing so (My guess, and hope, is that there is more being done than what is reflected here on this website.)  This appears to come from a lack of response from ‘higher headquarters’, inability to contact nearby members, or from a lack of time/skills/assets; this despite quite a few posts quoting one’s myriad skill sets and abilities in being an ‘organizer’ type.

I joined a few months ago.  I have been training for the last few years…with 16 other like minded people (LEOs and vets) on a regular basis.  BTW, I am the only OK member among us.  I joined because I support the mission of OK, because I am a constitutionalist, because I am a patriot.  I didn’t join for the organization to do things for me.  I am guessing that is the same reason most of you joined too.

Here is the reality, if you are going to face a situation (SHTF, another civil war, civil emergency, natural disaster, etc) you are more likely to face it with you closest neighbors anyway. And guess what, this could be a GREAT recruitment opportunity!

If you are the organizer type, then organize.  Why are you waiting for someone to do it for you?  If you don’t have anyone to train with, train yourself.  Get a book, take a class, or a course.  Where is the self reliance?  Where is the determination?  Where is the dedication?  Get together once or twice a month, you don’t need anyone’s permission.  And just FYI, if you want to learn something, be prepared to put the time in.  It is going to take at least 4-6 hours for a good training session, you can’t do it in 1 or 2. We do a potluck with each one, and invite the families.  That will let the skeptical wives see what we are all about and many get actively involved; it gets the kids outdoors, teaches them something.  What are you going to do when it really hits the fan?  Leave them in your basement while you go out and save civilization?

Get a group together; neighbors, friends and family, and start training.  If you can get them to join OK that is good.  If you can get them to support the constitution and help you and yours survive when you really need it and produce a working neighbor protection plan, even better.  Don’t have anyone to teach medical skills? Find a paramedic (or 3 like we have) and get them into your group.  While you are at it get a mechanic, a good electrician who really knows solar, an agronomist (not just the lady next door who grows good roses), a good ham operator (who can help everyone else study for their tests)…get one of everything you can think of.

Then build a training library.  Old field manuals are available as are reprints, get the hard copies, not the kindle versions (obviously), you will want them later.  Build some lesson plans.  Then, start.  You will figure out the rest.

Sorry to rant, but I know that almost all of you are probably just as independent and as self sufficient as I am, and many of you have resumes more impressive than I do.  Just got tired of reading I can’t do this because of this or when will this happen posts.  Most us of are or were warriors and leaders.  We didn’t lose that.

Just to give you an idea of where to start I have included our current list of training objectives.  Not each one of these is a separate class, many objectives can be knocked out in one class, for example we do all of the communications objectives as one class.

  1.  We include all the very basics because we try to include all the families and walk-ons in all of our training (plus we all get rusty and battle focused training and all that…)
  2. Make sure you follow all of your applicable laws and ordinances when doing your training; especially when it comes to firearms, ammo, hazardous materials, ordinance; but even when it comes to such things as mustering with firearms while in any uniform or getting permits for using public lands.

Anyways, just my two thoughts….
“Never criticize a soldier until you have walked a mile in his boots. That way, he’ll be barefoot and you’ll be out of range.”

Prioritize Target Buildings
Recognize Signs of Habitation and Traps
Recognize Safe Food Supplies
Prepare List of Critical Supplies
Employ Siphon To Obtain Fuel and Bypassing Rollover Valves
Use Manual Levers to Obtain Fuel From Gas Pumps

Perform First Aid to Prevent or Control Shock
Clear Object from Throat of Unconscious Casualty
Perform First Aid to Restore Breathing or Pulse
Treat for Cold Weather Injury
Treat for Heat Injury
Treat for Burns
Evaluate Conscious Casualty
Evaluate Unconscious Casualty
Perform First Aid for an Open Abdominal Wound
Perform First Aid for an Open Chest Wound
Apply CAT Tourniquet
Apply Improvised Tourniquet
Apply Field Pressure Dressing
Perform First Aid for a Suspected Fracture
Perform First Aid for an Open Head Wound
Apply Combat Gauze
Build Field Expedient Stretcher
Employ One and Two Man Carry Methods
Preventative Measures against Disease and Environmental Conditions
Establish A Saline Lock
Initiate IV Infusion for Hypovolemic Shock
Measure a Casualties Pulse
Measure and Monitor A Casualty’s Respirations
Insert an Oropharyngeal Airway in an Unconscious Casualty
Administer First Aid to Chemical Agent Casualty
Manage Casualty with Combat Stress

Sanitize Water Using Filtration
Sanitize Water by Boiling
Sanitize Water Using Chemical Means
Sanitize Water Using Solar Disinfection (SoDis)
Maintain Sanitation for Extended Operations
Building Field Latrine Facilities

Don M-40 Protective Mask
Perform Hasty Improvised Decontamination of Yourself and Personal Equipment
Mark CBRN Contaminated Areas
React to a Chemical Attack
Recognize Signs of Chemical Attack
React to a Nuclear Attack in the Open

Identify Terrain Features/Topographic Symbols on a Map
Determine Magnetic Azimuth
Measure Distance on a Map
Navigate by Terrain Features
Employ Handheld GPS
Utilize Analog Watch to Determine North
Determine Coordinates on a Map
Determine Pace Count with 600m Course
Determine Position on Map Using Terrain Features
Determine Position on Map Using GPS
Navigate to a Point Using GPS
Navigate to a Point Using Map and Compass
Select Movement Route Using a Map
Determine Elevation Point on Ground Using A Map
Orient a Map to Ground Using map-Terrain Association
Orient a Map Using a Compass
Locate an Unknown Point Using Intersection and Resection
Compute a Back Azimuth
Analyze Terrain
Select a Movement Route Utilizing a Map
Prepare a Strip Map

Utilization of the SPOT Report/SITREP
Employ SOI
Utilize Proper Radio Techniques
Utilize Alphanumeric Alphabet
Report Casualties
Conduct Communications with UV-5R/GT-5TP Radio
Conduct Communications with UV-50X2 Radio
Conduct Communications with FT-8900R Radio
Conduct Communications with ICOM IC-F320 Radio
Conduct Communications with Kenwood TK-5720 Radio
Program UV-5R Radio/GT-5TP Radio
Employ Portable Solar Kit for Radio Operation

Use Techniques to Avoid Injury by Falling
Perform Basic Knife and Bayonet Combatives
Employ Basic Unarmed Protective Combatives
Employ Sentry Engagement
Employ Rifle Combatives

Zero Primary Weapon
Zero Scoped (Hunting) Rifle
Engage Targets up to 300m with Primary Weapon
Engage Targets Degraded (Iron Sights)
Engage Targets While Wearing M-40 Protective Mask
Perform Immediate Action/Function Checks on Primary Weapon
Load/Unload Primary Weapon
Engage Targets at 5-25m with Personal Protective Weapon/Sidearm
Load/Unload with Personal Protective Weapon/Sidearm
Perform Immediate Action/Function Checks on Personal Protective Weapon/Sidearm

Perform PMCS/Maintain Primary Weapon
Perform PMCS/Maintain Personal Protective Weapon/Sidearm

Camouflage Yourself and Personal Equipment
Camouflage Fighting Position
Moving Under Direct Fire
React to Direct Small Arms Fire
React to to Direct Large Caliber Guns, Rockets and Grenade Fire
React to Directed EMP Weapons
React to Microwave Radiation Emitters
React to Particle Beam Weapons

React of Indirect Fire

Practice Noise, Light and Litter Discipline
Move as a Member of a Fire Team
Employ Hand Signals
Employ Mobile Overwatch Formation
Employ Ranger File Formation
Conduct Tactical Road March
React to Flares
Select Temporary Fighting Positions
React to Ambush

Probe for Land Mines
Recognize a Choke Point
Identify/React to UXO

Employ/Utilize a Listening Observation Post (LOP)
Perform a Passage of Lines
Employ Night Sighting Device
Employ Challenge and Password
Perform Surveillance without Electronic Devices
Clear a Field of Fire
Employ Defensive Posture when Under Attack while Driving in Convoy

Employ Hasty Defensive Position
Build Defensive Position with Air Cover
Prepare Sector Sketch
Perform Low Crawl
Perform High Crawl
Perform 3-5 Second Rush
Employ Defensive (Fragmentation) Hand Grenade
Conduct a Defense by Squad
Consolidate a Squad Following Enemy Contact Wile in the Defense
Direct Squad Air Defense Operation
Utilize Supporting Fields of Fire
Utilize Defense in Depth
Employ Sector Fire Stakes/Field Expedient Firing Aids
Conduct a Relief in Place
Conduct a Delay Operation
Employ Reverse Slope Defense
Employing Defensive Barriers/Obstacles

Perform Movement Techniques in Urban Environments
Approaching Buildings and Providing Overwatch, One or Multi-Story
Initial Entry Into Target Buildings
Interior Room Clearing (Strong Wall and Opposing Wall)
Hasty Building Evacuation
Search and Individual
Search a Detainee
Guard Detainees

Conduct and Area Reconnaissance
Employ Tracking/Counter Tracking Techniques
Employ Roving Patrol Operations

Employ an M18 Claymore
Employ an M18 Claymore with Tripwire
Employ Tripflare/Signal with Tripwire
Employ Improvised Noise Alarm with Trip Wire
Employ Improvised Claymore Door Mine
Employ Dragged Anti Armor Charge
Employ Pole Charge Anti Armor Device
Employ Eagle Cocktail and Eagle Fireball Anti Armor Charges
Collect Potassium Nitrate from improvised Materials
Produce Improvised Black Powder from Potassium Nitrate
Produce Improvised Dust Explosion Device
Produce ‘Red Powder’ or ‘White Powder’ Improvised Propellant
Create Improvised Urea Nitrate Explosive
Prepare Pentahydrate
Create Improvised DDNP Detonator
Create Acid Delay Detonator
Create Bottle Shaped Charge
Create Funnel Shaped Charge
Create Non-Electric Fuse Chord

Learn to Read/Prepare an Operation Order
Issue a Frag Order
Issue a Warning Order
Recognize Immediate (4-6 hour) Weather Trends

Utilize Night Patrol Techniques
Perform Surveillance Using Nightvision Assistance

Inspect Battle Buddy’s Equipment
Perform Movement to Contact
Perform Hasty Attack
Perform Deliberate Attack
Perform Raid Attack
Perform Ambush Attack
Perform Spoiling Attack
Perform Counter Attack
Conduct a Flanking Attack
Employ Offensive (Concussion) Hand Grenade

Develop Sleep Plan
Implement a Duty Roster
Perform Mortuary/Grave Operations
Create Lantern Fuel From Birch
Preserve Seeds
Perform Manual Farming Operations
Employ and Utilize Manual Well Pump Operations
Construct a Well
Build/Employ a PVC Well Bucket
Develop a Neighborhood Protection Plan
Perform PMCS on a Tractor
Perform Agricultural Operations on a Tractor
Build and Maintain an Evaporative Cooler
Construct a Distillation Still
Preserve Food by Smoking or Drying
Preserve Food by Canning
Render Tallow
Make Soap/Produce Sodium Hydroxide
Engage Targets with Hunting Bow/Crossbow
Reload Ammunition
Load/Unload Inline and Muzzle Loading Black Powder Rifle
Engage Target with Black Powder Rifle
Prepare Gasoline for Extended Storage
Repair Clothing Using Hand Sewing Techniques and Manual Powered Sewing Machine
Operate/Maintain Generator
Prepare Food using Pioneer Cooking Techniques

Utilize Fire Building Techniques
Tie Basic Knots and Lashings
Use Standard Lashings
Employ Basic Pioneering Construction Techniques
Construct a Hasty Shelter
Perform a Water Crossing
Identify Basic Forage Material
Perform Hide Preservation and Primitive Technique Tanning

Perform Ammo Conservation
Select the Proper Weapon for Hunting Operations
Build Snares
Build Fish Traps
Build Bird Traps
Dress Small Game
Dress Large Game
Dress Poultry