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Ut Oathkeepers are broadening our ODA concept by training with our local III% Originals and APIII% groups.  If the SHTF event was to occur our groups will be able to hook up in a moments notice as one large cohesive group united in a common cause.  Since we all train together, we have built a valuable trust between each individual in each group.  We are all on the same page and have each others backs.  Because we have trained together we know how to shoot and move in fire teams of 4-6 warriors.  This is starting to come together smartly for our groups.  This might be a concept all OathKeeper chapters CPT might want to consider.

Since having a lot of different groups operating around each other doing there own thing without knowing each other could make handling a CPT SHTF event more difficult and more dangerous for everyone involved.

The above approach also helps with backing up our LEO’s if they become overwhelmed during a serious situation and they are out manned and out gunned.  Invite your LEO’s to train with your teams to build trust and respect amongst all, this is of course after your LEO Oathkeeper Liaison is able to build a cordial relationship with your local LEO’s.