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Jim Curry

I found it interesting the conversation regarding an OK uniform. I think we are ignoring the elephant in the room so to speak. Our country is moving towards a 2nd Civil War with those that want Socialism vs. Constitutional Republic. The hate on both sides of this issue is growing and could erupt to a war regardless of who wins the 2020 election. Remember the words in the oath we all took “I, (NAME), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic . . . etc. I’m sure we all agree this oath has no expiration date for those that served. So saying we are not a militia is semantics to people that know about OK – both friends and foes. I, and thousands of others that served are ready to uphold the oath we took and fight against those that want to destroy our Constitution. As far as a uniform goes I don’t see a problem with A BLACK OATHKEEPERS SHIRT. CAP AND A PAIR OF KKAKI BDU STYLE EMT TROUSERS . A TACTICAL VEST WITH BODY ARMOR , RIFLE AND PISTOL BELT WITH MAGS AND CANTEENS LIKE THE POLICE WEAR. However, if the fighting takes place in heavily wooded areas, we might want to consider camos. The one concern I have is every state has multiple patriotic militias so we all need to be able to identify ourselves to other militias. The last thing we need to do is start shooting each other.

I notice there is very little about the possibility of a 2nd Civil War on the OK website and, this may be intentional. But we cannot, as a so called

non-militia ignore whats happening in America . . . we need to have a plan should the worst happen.