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I’m now in my third month of membership. I’m disappointed in the participation and lack of attention by those administering programs and lack of communication. I can’t say I know which members are on payroll and who are volunteers. It does seem to me that there are a number of volunteers who are prepared to work but have received no feedback in how to proceed and I have to assume this is a lack of communication from paid members – we have no way of knowing who, they aren’t communicating. I have not received a welcome packet, which was supposed to arrived within two months of signing up.

Specifically, there appears to be a lack of attention and communication regarding those who are volunteering for the sentinel/spartan training programs. A response of *any* kind, to include one asking volunteers to stand by, would be exponentially better than the response they’ve received. Which is to say, no response.

For these reasons, I won’t recommend to anyone I know to join Oathkeepers. I’ll stick around a while long in the hopes there is progress, but I do not have much confidence there will be any.