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The state groups are up and over 2,200 are on the forum. Last 2 weeks I haven’t been able to get on the forum due to these updates I suppose. I never did get an answer to my questions. Still looking for some answers like others, what is my member number?

Last week I watched the movie Indivisible. It was a good watch as an Associate member & Liberty Tree Member. Although I can’t understand combat PTSD I do understand some personal PTSD & PTS now that I have been reading “Beyond Trauma, Hope & Healing for Warriors” along with suffering minor ptsd for about 3 years after my pesticide spray truck rolled from where I parked it and my Angels drove it backward down a hill & flipped it upside down in the perfect spot. The noise of it landing upside down and seeing the dust come up I was for sure dismayed and jumped to the conclusion I had just lost my job, I still work for the same company even now over 5 years later. It wasn’t until a physical exam that I realized I needed to change my behaviors to change symptoms that were hidden from my family.

We have heard many times 22 servicemen will take their life today. Recently I heard that 15 civilians will take their life today also. I was surprised to learn this.

This is my prayer today:

LORD God Almighty, thank you for having blessed me with a servants heart. Thank you for helping me through my own thoughts of suicide after becoming a Christian believer in 1990. Thank you for revealing to me over the years the spiritual battle that we all face whether we believe in you or not. Give me the courage once again to preach on the corner of Market & Lancaster in Salem Oregon this afternoon after I attend Sunday School today. Give me the right message to share with others as we fight not just a spiritual battle but also a cultural one. Amen.