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3 week cooling off period until February 15th. Trump & us his followers were hopeful with all  the compromises on our side in last few weeks the Delusional party would compromise. They said they would and then caved immediately. Can’t expect a liar to make a promise and keep it.

I asked God, so what is next. That has always been dangerous for me when I “just ask God” over the last 28 years.

The Holy Spirit had me contemplate these things.

1) There will be another shut down February 15th.

2) If another 35 day shut down, what happened near that date?

3) April 19, 1775. A 65 day shut down would be April 19, 2019. The 244th Anniversary.

4) Later it occurred to me to look on the calendar to see April 19, 2019. This year that is the start of Passover.

5) Reflection led me to recognize we are not heading toward a civil war, we are heading toward a 2nd Revolution. The 1st Revolution was against religious tyranny when we fled Europe for America. Europe tried through Britain to subjugate us again which they did. They further wanted us to act like an island adjacent to their mainland who had no representation yet be in submission. When we began to throw off our restraints from Britain, they came to make us return to subjugation. They resorted to force, to make a point, that we were no better to them then the slaves they owned on their island and they intended to kill us until we submitted as slaves.

6) April 19th, 1775 (we realized later on {and making the Independence July 4, 1776 declaration} that if we didn’t submit to their rules without representation in the House of Commons we would become a group of colonies made up of slaves).

7) We find our nation at a cross roads of blood shed. Either way we go there it will be. One of these coming years we will find ourselves in the 7 year Tribulation the Bible talks about. For those who want to see and hear, it starts at the Feast of Tabernacles in early October. We don’t know what year it will start but the way the Facist’s are acting around the World in enslaving or killing their opponents; Christians, Jews and others. They seem to think their time is still now before a World Wide Nationalist movement drives them back. We believers know we have to rely on LORD God Almighty and his Divine Providence as we march as his soldiers. Like these movies, in one way it will be like we are playing “Enders Game” in another “Hunter Killer”. The challenge we face is extremely complex and reminds me of the unpublished book I wrote between 2000 & 2005: How To Parent, Amidst Complexity.

8) The 2 cross roads of blood?

I. One road is that all moral people must submit as slaves worldwide to immorality for a fake promise to remain free.

II. How do we engage the 78 nations of enemies (and their internal USA supporters) that have infiltrated our USA and are waiting as sleeper cells for the pin to drop? The other road, to draw all our enemies into battle challenging them to attack us so we can use the 2nd Amendment to defend ourselves.

This leads once again to a one-sided set of rules of engagement that people more talented than I can lay out so I can go out today and exhort my congregation of believers & haters at my street corner ministry at Market & Lancaster in Salem Oregon.