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Yes, signal is very secure and we can form groups on it. I’m also wanting to get contact going with other Texans. Right now there is a Facebook for Texas, but I’m flat out not willing to use it.

Signal was so hard to setup when it first came out that I gave up on it.

It’s super easy to use now.

I’m also good on hosting a forum for Texas. This forum remains a disaster.

It’s very easy to have a forum that has private and unknown to the public, boards for us only. And also public areas to help other Texans communicate with us before joining Oath Keepers or not. We desperately need to unite patriots right away.

I now have two servers, which gives me the capability to directly control DNS myself setting up my own pair of name servers. If you don’t know what that is, that just means better security and less chance of us being tampered with from hackers sending others to a fake site.

Get signal and contact me through it at 360-499-1308. I recommend replacing your regular messaging app/built-in with signal. You can still start the other messaging apps manually. Messenger will fight you on this, but simple to just fight back if you need to keep it also.

My email is will get me an immediate email plus a secret copy of the contact form info you send. Only I know where that is at.

Forming a Texas group on Signal is definitely a good idea.