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JRREAD, I’m betting you won’t see much change here, or much in the way of communications from on high…

That said, there were some significant problems with the old system, mainly dealing with security and manageability…  So changing was important.  This platform is a decent one if set up correctly, managed correctly and configured correctly.  There have been many offers of help, all turned down or outright ignored.  Again, mainly ignored…

OK has, or had, great potential.  It is a concept that is needed, but definitely needs better management.  Mr. Rhodes needs someone helping him that actually knows how to run such a group, in the business sense, in the technology sense and volunteer group sense.  Both areas are greatly lacking, and I say this as someone with a PhD in Computer Sciences (with experience as CIO of MCI and a few other companies), a DBA (with experience as President/COO of a Fortune 500 (Tech Division) company) and other such experiences….