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Charlie Huffman

I am going to post here to start off..Internet lines were complete destroyed and it took 2 mouths to get new up and me back on the internet..We have been on the air constantly with the hf group..Ham radio always work…As soon as the storm started to die down I contact some hams in Texas and they phoned my daughter in Colorado that we were all right..She notify the group through Retroshare and keep them updated as we recovered…All emergency system we have been planning for worked  with little problem..The house survived but all trees were blown down except a few and the one holding my windom antenna that I was able to talk on..The tower survived but the beam was totally destroyed..Still have not gotten it up yet…The oath keepers worked out of my shop during the recovery and had a place to park inside and bunk out…They were a great bunch…Later I can give more as they were many stories…73