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After making updates in the National Chapel & Oregon Chapel, I went over to The only meetup in the USA is in New York.

Bummer. Another dead end.

For those that are interested there is another way we can meet together national wide and that is through I already have an account set up.

I am available either Tues., Weds., or Thurs. evening to coordinate and direct. It just occurred to me, maybe I should post a similar note to Oathkeepers twitter and facebook (I will wait to see what you think first). It would be structured, 15 min. personal intro & goal accomplishment, 30 min. of state updates, 15 min. of goal setting. Purpose is to re-engage people on the new forum, reconnect within our counties and re-establish state leadership teams where they are lacking with approval of our current state leadership team, for Oregon that is currently Washington State.