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My apologies Brian. I made the mistake of only reading your post from the 20th without reading all the other responses. I tried to delete my post so it would cause you no harm, unfortunately that was also a failure.

I was just over posting the latest Oathkeeper picture to my facebook page. Then I posted to twitter also. That is where I realized there still are a lot of supporters still connected on both sites. Unfortunately it isn’t easy to find locals especially since neither easily allow (from my knowledge) contacting locals.

I live in Upsidedownegon(Oregon), my name is Tom (I go by floraspec on YouTube, twitter, meetup & here) I had been leading on the 2nd forum (now defunct) the National Forum Chapel under Admin, along with Oregon’s Chapel in the state forums section.

I am an associate member (meaning I didn’t serve in the armed services, police or fire. Although I served in Oregon in Corrections on the support staff side, not as an officer).

Please forgive my errors.

It has been difficult for us as we transition to WordPress. Before I joined originally there was a forum that was quite diverse that I only heard about. Many decided not to join the 2nd forum yet a new group, me included, joined and interacted (about 600). With the 3rd forum in place and the lack of response by many, they seem to have given up on wasting any more time on the forum.

I was the Marion County Oregon Coordinator as an Associate until the Bundy Ranch situation, then all the Associate members were demoted out of local leadership. Those of us committed to the cause, stayed on after the demotion. We adjusted.

One of the things I noticed in our local group was about 1/3 of those involved didn’t or couldn’t serve in the armed forces. Those that couldn’t, didn’t meet the minimum criteria, either mentally or physically.

We had numerous meetings in Oregon listed on Once we lost that connection, coordinated efforts continued to diminish. Where I live then went independent for a while until it also disbanded.

Try going on for your local area, you may find that there are still active participants in your area or state.


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