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Brian Griffin



I emailed you last night and havent recieved any response. I realize it’s the weekend but this is a pattern with this community, weekend or weekday.


To summarize my email: I have read the bylaws. In fact, I have read everything on this site, trying to figure out what is going on because nobody will answer any questions. I have tried to contact my local headquarters, and I tried again last night. Once again, the mission statement says we are to restore the constitution. It doesnt say anything, at all, about how that goal will be achieved. If this is just an auxiliary of men at the ready to respond to natural disasters, fine, just say that, I dont know how it restores the constitution, but at least we have something to go on.  At least we know what we are a part of.

The almost cryptic communications about the “before” and “after” sounds like there was some kind of purge and now there isnt anyone left to run this operation. Is that accurate? And if it is, why wont anyone respond to people offering their time and abilities to get things up and running?


Like I said, I am here to help and be of service but if nobody point me in a direction, I’m just stuck spinning my wheels.