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Thanks Jim Curry,

In the past, I have expressed my interest in being the contact person for my local and regional community and the state (New Mexico) if necessary.

I am already involved in other volunteer organizations involved in medical responses, search and rescue, shelter operations and some light tactical rescue. In our spare time, we assist the health department with mass innoculations and vaccinations (influenza, hepatitis etc). And in our off times, we provide first aid support for community and sporting events.

As a whole, we have teams, some small some larger, located in several metropolitan communities.  We are presently working on plans to expand into some of the smaller communities surrounding the metro areas.

For CPT teams to be active they need to go out into the community and do stuff, perform community service, take your training cadre out to local organizations who express an interest.  If your area doesn’t already have one, start your own MRC or CERT and get some potentially interested people active.  partner up with other similar organizations, ie Red Cross, and use these venues as part of your training program and respond with them if they will allow it.