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Brian Griffin

The problem being, he is asking for money for something that I can’t see any apparent point to. I’m not here to cause problems or to just sit around grumbling when everything is running well…. But maybe I just didnt understand what this was about. This really is the very first time anyone has responded to me about anything. Really. And you can understand how a guy might feel like he has just been conned when all of the above happens. Look, if Mr. Rhodes is out there doing all of these things, great, and good for him.  I just think it is irresponsible to be asking for money from people to be part if an organization when there is no organization. I also think that the financials in regards to this organization should be available so we at least know where our money is going (maybe they are, I literally know nothing more about this group now than when I joined, other than there is apparently no group. It’s like trying to get informations from the Masons). Anyway, I’m glad you have enjoyed your time here, sincerely, and I only wish you the best…. I just have a vastly different experience. Thanks for your service.