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Between responding to all of the hurricanes last year, and border security this year, I’m surprised Mr. Rhodes has any energy left.  I would be burned out if I were him.  But I have not information as to what’s going on.  I’m just sorry to hear that membership packages are stalled.  When I joined in 2016, my package arrived quickly, and when I upgraded to Life shortly after, it was another fast package.

On the local level, it seems that membership is what you make of it (Rhodes calls for national volunteers for specific operations from time to time).  Find people here, then meet in person, then form local teams if you hit it off.  The old forum webpage had subscriptions to state chapters, so you could see people from your state in one thread (on state-related topics).  There used to be state representatives — and they used to be seen on that old forum webpage.  (I think we didn’t adjust well to the forum change/new website.)  One thing is for sure, if any of you are vacationing in my area when the shit hits the fan, I’d take you in if I saw an Oath Keepers bumper sticker on your car.  I already saw one Oath Keeper with an out-of-state license plate drive by once — Virginia plates, I think (I’m in rural northern California.)  Probably didn’t even know I had his six.

Anyway, welcome!  (Even though it’s officially delayed for several new members).