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Jim Curry

I agree, there appears to be little effort within Oath keepers to prepare for what could be a 2nd Civil War in America. A few months ago I responded to the call for Community Preparedness (i think that was what they called it), but I never received a response back. How do you expect members to feel about how serious leadership is about preparing for trouble in this country?

One problem that I see is there needs to be “community” teams setup for training and response to trouble. Every state needs to be broken down into zones. You cannot expect members to travel 3 or 4 hours to a training site. Many members work and have family obligations and cannot afford to spend a weekend training. By breaking down into zones where travel to training and meetings can be kept to 1 or 2 hours would help. Since Oath Keeper leadership have membership information, let them break down states into zones then assign a leader for each zone. Give that leader the names, email address and phone numbers of all members in that zone. The zone leader can coordinate with national leaders as to training. There are many training videos available on the Internet that members can access and learn medical and combat skills. The videos should be selected by the national leadership so training is standard across all zones. Local members can schedule live training for their zone based on these videos.

This is one idea I have and hope this will start a conversation on what needs to be done. Unfortunately, I don’t see leadership addressing training on a nation wide level considering the direction this country is going.