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I have privately been working on solutions to the website problems.

I have found some things that can be fixed. These are pretty serious problems, but probably made due to decisions that really were good ones in the past, but are no longer valid. It happens. Cloudflare was previously a great cloud hosting company, but with offering so many free or really cheap plans, they have been overwhelmed. Plus, Cloudflare is a Global hosting provider, which isn’t right for a US only organization.

I see using WordPress for the site as a bad idea. What do all of you think?

It spits out truly huge amounts of crap to render a page. The home page works out to about 19MB, which is just huge and silly. Cloudflare makes the problem even worse. Using Google’s speedtester (which mimics a phone), I got around 35s to load the home page and around 20s to load one of the news stories links.

I don’t think that Oath Keepers should be using cloud hosting at all. I grabbed what is called a bare metal server to experiment on. Cloud hosting means that everything is spread out over many servers. Possibly some real security issues, but you would never be able to know. A private rented server is a server box that ONLY we use, but is housed in a server farm. As long as we keep it secure from the internet side of things, we shouldn’t have any problems, unless the staff does something, which is very unlikely. Sorry if all the jargon doesn’t make sense to anyone. Just think that we are using a shared dorm right now versus a private room.

I’ve been on the first conference call about the Border operation. Stewart Rhodes has been extremely busy flying between states, doing the interview and getting all of the operations going. Hey, he’s just one person taking on a ton of work. Disaster relief, followed by the Border problems, etc.

We’ve both been trying to get a chance to speak in depth about fixing all of this, but we have both been really busy.

As far as the packets getting sent out, there was someone doing that, but he contacted me quite a while back when mine was sent back in order to get a different address. I am not sure where any of that stands.

A far as any current staff/volunteer problems, I have experience to address that. I ran my own business in construction, with clients and employees. I am the IT staff alone.

It is really hard to get things with a team running smoothly. Even the greatest group of people may not be able to get things running smoothly on their own. It takes a certain set of personality traits to organize and motivate a group. Truthfully, very few people can do this. Paid staff may be uncertain who should be doing what or what decisions should be made. Volunteers are just that, people who have chosen to help out of a sense of duty, but without any financial compensation. That really even more needs to be rewarded with a sense of appreciation for their work or they will get bummed out and work poorly or quit volunteering.

I would really find it useful to know what all of you like and don’t like about this current setup, both the forums, the main website and the advertising/payment being for outside companies. All three of those things can be changed to running separate software, so any preferences can help make good decisions.

Please, please, don’t talk about how dreadfully slow everything is. That fact is well known and will be fixed.

Please post any replies here. Feel free to private message me or use my email

Would anyone directly involved in the website, articles etc. please contact me.

This forum is a mess. Stop waiting for the proper boards for state chapters to go up. Someone just start making threads for each state. No one has been using the Social Groups spot, so that seems like a good spot to make a SINGLE thread for each individual state. All of this is going to get fixed. I am a stubborn SOB, about half Irish and half German. I don’t back down.