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Guardians of the Republic Forums Education & Outreach Outreach, Ideas and Experience Wikipedia and (in)direct connections about Oath Keepers. Need Help Reply To: Wikipedia and (in)direct connections about Oath Keepers. Need Help



I haven’t posted on this for a while, but this is still a go. Can’t do this alone.

Step up. this isn’t a one person project. Even telling what pages around the subject of how we are smeared are enough. Look at SPLC page and then we need the links they refer to. Attacking them directly will fail, but we can clean up the surrounding mess.

This is not a programming job. If you can read, you can help. Read Facebook tomorrow. It’s not going anywhere.

I need a list of BS on Wikipedia and some decent sources to back up claims.

It’s a volunteer ENCYCLOPEDIA, not a news outlet!

I’m going to be very disappointed if not one person steps up.

And how about we write up a page on our founder, Stewart Rhodes.

Wikipedia doesn’t have a page on him. We just need one person who is not directly affiliated with OathKeepers to post it. Not write it.