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I have been discussing with some other members, not national yet.

I have two very important points I would like to get out. I’ll make a second post about another issue.

One point I heavily object to is this WordPress. I think a really valid objection is that it is not acceptable for those with visual handicaps from age or injury.

I have self-hosted always, except when I first started out, when I hosted for a few months with Godaddy. I did that until I learned enough XHTML and CSS in order to make my sites acceptable to those with visual handicaps. Proper usage of colors matter to those who are getting dimming vision with age and especially someone with one of the several kinds of colorblindness.

Those who are blind use speaking screen readers. A proper layout of headers and paragraphs are essential for them to be able to navigate the content.

WordPress is not letting everything be navigable. I’m even getting a little lost at times. If WordPress stays, and that’s not for me to decide. I think this issue really needs to be moved up as a priority. I  have found the voices of the really older vets to be invaluable. I also saw a documentary about Hitler’s rise to power from the perspective of ordinary German citizens. Very eye-opening.