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In a crisis, where you need to be active, you will NEED the calories, and especially the protein…  My research says if a male is active during a crisis, then up to 3,200 calories per day could be essential.  Yes, most americans could stand to lose weight, as could I…  but numbers are numbers….


But even if you intend to lose weight, you need to keep the muscle mass up….  and overall health, to be able to fight illness…. Therefore protein.


Protein from LDS Storage – Theory

Seeking “complete” protein from long term storage, using LDS sealed can information.


Black beans, 55 servings per can, 10 gram protein per serving, serving size 45 gram, 150 calories.


White rice, 54 servings per can, 3 gram protein per serving, serving size 45 gram, 160 calories.


While there are lots of sites that indicate eating beans and rice together create a “complete” protein mix, I’ve not found a definitive statement of the ratio.  My theory then is that for the proteins in beans/rice to complement each other, the protein content should be in balance.


Therefore I theorize that a mixed serving of these two should be balanced at the ratio of 11.75 gram beans and 33.75 gram rice.  Pretty much ¾ rice and ¼ beans.  In my theory this should provide 10 grams of a “complete” protein.


If working hard, suggested daily protein intake for a 200 pound male would be around 163 grams.  That would mean the male would need to consume 16 portions.


Looking just at protein it would be 600 calories in beans and 640 calories in rice (1,240 calories) in a meal which would be around 25 ounces.  (180g beans & 540g rice)


That same active male would need around 2,800 calories per day.  Two minimum such meals per day.  Per multiple charts a suggested upper calorie amount for planning would be around 3,200 per day.



Just more numbers.


Extrapolating further, if the active male was to obtain 3,200 calories per day ONLY from LDS canned beans and rice, to reach 3,200 calories per day would be 2.5 of the calculated portions, or daily 450g beans and 1,350g rice. (Around 63 ounces, or four pounds).


The can of beans contains 2,475g, the rice can has 2,430g.


Each can of beans would last around 5.5 days, each can of rice would last 1.8 days.


To last 365 days, this would mean 67 cans of beans and 202 cans of rice.


Beans:  $6.25 per can, or $418.75  (67 cans, call it 12 cases)

Rice:  $4.00 per can, or $808 (202 cans, call it 34 cases)


Total:  $1,226.75


Let’s drop back to the 200 lb male getting just complete protein from the beans/rice mix.


Re protein only, each can of beans would last 13.75 days, and each can of rice 4.5 days.  The cost now with just a protein focus is:


Beans:  $165.90  (26.5 cans, call it 5 cases)

Rice:  $324.44 (81 cans, call it 14 cases)

Total:  $490.34 (Actually a little more if bought in case lots)


Calories need to be supplemented from some source.


3,200 – 1,240 = 1,960 calories per day “deficit”.


For simplicity in calculations, pick an oil (fat).  Grapeseed oil, relatively healthy.  120 calories per 25 gram serving.  Spread over the daily meals, a total of 408 gram (14 oz or 27 tablespoons).


9 tbs per “meal”.


A $12.99 bottle contains 2,040g, or 5 days.  A year supply would be $948.27


Total annual cost $1,438.61.  More expensive, but takes up less space, and requires less “bulk” in meals.


Opinion:  There is no cheap approach to getting protein and useful calories.  Let’s look at the above calorie deficit after bean/rice in terms of junk sugar.  Per the web, a 4 lb bag of sugar can be bought at Fry’s for $1.59.  Each bag contains 6,810 calories.  The deficit would require 105 sacks, at a cost of $166.95.  Cheap, but not in the interest of your health.


Re just calories ignoring all else, for empty calories it would take 172 such sacks, at a cost of $273.48.  But on such a diet you would probably not live a year.