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Nancy Oakley

I can understand the frustration about things in general not happening fast enough. For those of us trying to make the necessary changes, it is even more frustrating.

We have replaced the old website and forum (it was not as secure as this forum which is limited to members only). One of the goals of the new website is to automate as much as possible, and increase communications. We have a new IT department working on those goals. It’s a process.

We changed our mass email service because the previous one dropped people off arbitrarily, including the employees sending those emails. If you’re not already getting our emails, you can “SUBSCRIBE FOR UPDATES” on the main page of the website.

We changed our membership coordinator, and that transition did not go smoothly. There was a large backlog when we made the change, but we’re actively working to get the membership packets to everyone.

We changed the management and location of the gear store, and found that some of the suppliers were either out of business, or couldn’t make what we needed. The store on the website is temporarily closed. We will get it back up as soon as possible. For now, Oath Keepers tee-shirts, sweatshirts,  and other products are available at the link at the top right of the website main page

There have been changes in editors and writers on the website. If you have ideas about what you would like to see there, or on our national facebook page, please let me know.

We have expenses and payroll. We have existing and new projects in the works. We could save money by staying home instead of the disaster relief work we’ve been doing. Three hurricanes last year in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico. Two this year in North Carolina and Florida again. For example, this food was purchased with donated money in Florida last year after Hurricane Irma.

This article shows some of what we’ve been doing in Florida this year. That’s Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes on the roof of a veteran’s home. Some of our purchases there were a lot of gas cans, gas, tarps, and more HAM radios. Homeowners with generators needed gas to run them, and there was none in the immediate area. Communications were almost non-existent when we arrived. We delivered food, water, basic supplies, baby necessities and we did wellness checks.

We believe in helping our neighbors in need, even if they live in another state. We sincerely appreciate the donations that help make the disaster relief work possible!

If you have any questions, I can be reached at