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Yes. Too much time has passed. Blame no one. We often never know what is happening in other people’s lives or situations.

So, I am stepping up to have a forum working for us. Please keep using this forum, new and old members are going to be coming here and this forum should be kept going for that reason. It matters. But we need something more functional and it can’t wait any longer.
I will have the forum working within the next few days.
It will be at my site which I already have intended to use for both my writing/blog, etc.
I will put up a link to the actual forum as quickly as possible.
As you will see, I put up blacked out faces in hoodies to imply those carrying out secret acts behind closed doors and such. And I don’t mean us! If you don’t like the name Capuchado, suggest another one and it’s done.
The contact page works and sends me an email and a text copy I keep just for me in a secret URL only I know and is on a different domain name.

Tell me what boards you want and it’s done.
There are 50 states plus Puerto Rico and some other US possessions.
Some of the boards here are great, but we are just lacking some others that are essential. I am frustrated that I cannot find a good board here for some things I would like to discuss. I like to write and think and figure out what I am right about and even more, what I am mistaken about.
I need some people to volunteer as moderators. More to delete problem posts than to check every post beforehand.
I need some people to test everything. Basically to try and find anything that is broken or not working right.
If anything is broken, contact me through my email, the contact page or from inside the forum. I can easily put things into the database manually.
I will put up some boards that are public so that you all can try it out without registering. Those boards will be public, don’t forget that!

I have used this forum software already and it uses Perl programming language, which I do know and can look for any security problems. It uses SQL language, which I also know for the database. I WILL NOT use any Captcha which is usually associated with Google.
This software is free and the author no longer maintains it but has clearly stated that others may change and develop it.
I intend to rip out any parts that could possibly introduce security problems. If we don’t need it, we get rid of it and have a smaller field for hackers to attack. I will do this later.

The forum is going up and fast. Days, not months, not weeks.
If you are good with this, please drop a note either here (we really ought to start a new thread, but here is OK) or also something on the contact page at Capuchado, not here at oathkeepers. Just mention you are an Oath Keeper on the contact page. If everyone is good with this, we can private message everyone who showed up here, saw nothing and direct them to the new forum.
I hear that long-time members miss already started topics that are now gone. Well, let’s start them up again!
And I mean it, let’s keep this forum active. We should keep topics active here too.
I am not trying to replace this forum, but we need some triage right now! The elections are about to finish and I haven’t got a clue what will happen.