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I am a retired law enforcement officer from Mississippi and we often had Sheriff deputies that lived in Alabama employed by a Mississippi Sheriff department. Why can’t the Sheriff of the counties that are involved in the border invasion threat, ask Oathkeepers retired law enforcement officers to assist them? All the Sheriff has to do is swear us in as reserve deputies and we can make arrests just like a regular deputy as long as we are on duty and acting as a reserve officer! This would be a great benefit because the military can not arrest anyone or detain anyone by law unless the President declares war, which has to pass Congress!
The county could pay the reserve officers just like they do to reserve officers that work special details such as ball games and other activities where they use reserve deputies or we can work on a volunteer basis with Oathkeepers getting the money to refund or pay every volunteer’s room and board and travel expenses coming to and going home from a detail!

I would volunteer to do this if my expenses were paid to get there and back home and for food and lodging because I am on a fixed income! Someone from our head should check on this and contact the SAheriffs involved!